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     The user friendly TARA All Terrain Vehicle features a new concept which utilizes a totally adjustable 4 wheel independent suspension system. Powered by a Koehler V Twin 25 HP 750cc 4 cycle motor or optional diesel engine, the hydrostatically driven machine is easy to operate with one lever controlling speed and direction along with Zero Effort power steering and High/Low range capabilities.

     The TARA can travel back woods roads at 20 mph and is fully operated by steering wheel and hand controls that are located according to each customer's needs. The TARA is equipped with an unbreakable body, a rust free interior and exterior, a convertible top, and an automatic ramp for easy wheelchair or scooter access.

     With optional Turf Tires, the TARA can be used for plowing snow, lawn work, and other tasks around the farm or home.

     This low maintenance 4-wheeler can offer many years of enjoyment. An Easy Access Trailer to transport your TARA wherever you go is also available by the manufacturer.

     Bucktail Fabrications, Inc. offers a one-year warranty on all parts and labor.
  • Stay in your wheelchair

  • Convenient and easy to operate

  • Plenty of storage space

  • 4 wheel adjustable independent suspension

  • Motor and floor are rubber mounted for low vibration

  • Quiet operation

  • All hardware is stainless steel or aluminum for years of rust free service