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New Updates! 5-24-04

Laci Ann
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This is Our Triplet Story
from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Introducing Destiny, Laci, and Kylie
Born June 12, 2003

Hi everyone....Thanks to everyone who signed our book, I do check it often. It's been over a year since I updated, and I do apologize for that. I can't even begin to explain how crazy our lives have become. Destiny finally came home in August, she's hanging in there. I will go into further detail later. Thanks again to everyone.

Destiny, Laci, And Kylie Magyar were born at 25 weeks gestation on June 12, 2003.
This is when the "Miracle" began.

Destiny weighed in at 1lb.6oz., while Laci followed behind ringing in at 1lb.9oz., and bringing up the rear was Kylie, at 1lb.4oz.

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