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Lorin's Page

Last Updated
May, 6th 2002!

Finally added the long awaited work quotes page, and I decided to make the "I wanna talk about me section, actually be more than a blank page.

Me Section
I wanna talk about me!!!
Stuff I tend to ponder...
Tango at the end of Winter
Finally: The work quotes!
Me and Amy
Our Silly Stuff
Man search 2001-2002
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Joe cartoon man, dis is some funny shit!

Thanks to Jimmy, this scared the shit out of me!"Fully dedicated to grinding your academic efforts to a halt"

Old Site Stuff
Born again tid bits of past moments
Past things to remember

Happy Little tid bit of the moment

You know the saying: everytime a bell rings and angel gets its wings? well what they don't tell you is: everytime a mousetrap snaps an angel gets set on fire.

Vote for Brit!!!

I'm a Slave 4 U
My AIM: Jerichoholic519


Shout Outs!!!

Posted by me- Monday, May 6th, 2002. 11:45 PM EST.
Yeah, ok, so its been almost a year since I've even looked at my site, let along updated it. So I'm the biggest slacker in the world! yeah I've heard it all before! lol Plus, I was getting sick of hearing Amy bitch that my site is not updated. So now I've decided to make the world a better place by updating my website! ;) U.S.A.!!!

Stuff That cracks me up!
Please, Think of the kittens.
Talk about a well endowed bunny!

Remember kids:

The next time you're having a bad day, imagine this:
You're a Siamese twin.
Your brother, attached at your shoulder is gay and you're not.
But you only have the one butt.
Feel better?