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What is... Living Large In Pgh...???

I have recently started a group to bring people of size together, for social gatherings, work shops, discussions, support, etc. This group is called LIVING LARGE. I hope to help support and encourage people of size to be better able to enjoy life, to have a better quality of life, to get out more, to experience more in life, to become empowered, and to accept themselves. Often, due to abuse, discrimination, harassment, or just plain old ignorance, people of size have difficulties going to public places. There aren't adequate close parking places, large enough comfortable seating, safe size friendly environments, or respectful service. After awhile many people of size just stop going places... stop being social ...stop having fun...stop having hope ...stop almost everything in their lives. Naturally, this creates a downward spiral of depression, often more weight gain, and more health problems. The person continues to spiral downward into being less able to get out in public... often feeling too embarrassed and awkward... being more depressed... having less hope...having more problems. This cycle can just repeat again and again...taking the person further down each time My group is NOT a diet group or a weight loss group. I do not endorse any method of losing weight, nor do I believe that everyone has to lose weight BEFORE enjoying their lives... hence the name of the group...LIVING LARGE... I do believe that if people of size have support, resources, hope, options, and places where they are respected, comfortable, and safe... I believe their lives will improve. As their lives improve... and they start feeling better about themwelves, start feeling some joy and fun in their lives... and they start moving about more in public... and as their confidence grows the bodies will settle into a healthier more fit state of being. That may or may not result in weight loss... but it WILL result in happier and healthier people... and healthier happier people usually live more productive, longer lives... Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!

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Living Large In Pgh