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Speed Dating

WHAT IS SPEED DATING???... Speed dating is an opportunity to meet several members of the opposite sex in about 2 hours or less. There are anywhere from between 10 to 40 men and women who have mini "dates". These "dates" last any where from 5 to 10 minutes in length, depending on the time allotted and the number of people participating. With each new "date" you ask a few questions, trying to get to know something about that person that will give you an idea if you want to talk more with that person. A bell is sounded after the 5 - 10 minute period, and you move on to the next person, starting over again with the same process. And so on and so on, until you have met everyone in the room. You can take notes on each person, and if you are interested, you pass on your interest to the organizer of the event. This way, no one risks open rejection during the "dates", and everyone maintains a higher degree of personal safety by not revealing specific information such as home phone number or address. In fact, it is often forbidden to discuss certain topics such as where you work, where you live, your home phone number, etc. At these events, people are encouraged to discuss things like goals, beliefs on certain topics, relationship issues, etc. For some events, the participants turn in a list of questions they can ask during the "dates", to avoid intrusive, intimate or offensive questions This was first begun by a Jewish Rabbi as a way to bring together people who were more serious about dating and having relationships. He provided a safe place and opportunites for single people to meet other singles in a short period of time. With the organizer and others present, it resembled a more traditional kind of dating that was done in earlier times... dating that was chaperoned and safe, while allowing singles to briefly meet and mingle. His more modern approach to "matchmaking" took into account the realities of current lifestyles realizing that with more burdens, busier work schedules, and more demands on personal time, single people have a much harder time finding the time and places to meet other singles. For singles who truly want to date and have relation ships, hanging out in bars usually doesn't help them find suitable partners. So this Rabbi's twist on an old matchmaking custom allows singles to meet and get to know each other. This way of meeting quickly spread into the general population, with cities all over the country offering speed dating events to single people. The cost for these dating events range from $25 to $50 depending on the area of the country. There is a surprisingly high success rate and many people have developed serious relationships from their first experience with speed dating. Of course, there are some singles who are not as serious about dating as others, and they do the speed dating as a way to network, to meet new people, to just try something new, or to just have something to do on some night of the week. There are several web sites that cover speed dating. For more information, just type in the phrase "speed dating" and your search feature should easily access those sites. Learn more about this unusual though successful way for modern singles to meet, date and fall in love...

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