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16 Magazine August 1978

Circus February 2, 1978

Circus October 17, 1978

Rona Barrett's Hollywood January 1978

Super Rock Spectacular 1978
X - Black & white Kiss poster on back of cover, color Kiss poster and article with a few black & white pictures

US Magazine December 1978

Teen Beat's Rock Stars
X - Includes color centerfold of Paul, poster of Linda Ronstadt (live/short hair) and two black & white pictures, small Stevie Nicks picture (black & white with yellow tint), two black & white pictures of Olivia Newtown-John (similar to cover shot), 4 page black & white Kiss article, 2 page Angel article with Sinful era black & white pictures, 2 black & white pictures of Roger Voudouris :-), very small Bad Company live picture (black & white with yellow tint)

Teen Beat's Rock Stars November 1979

Creem February 1979
Includes Stevie centerfold calendar

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