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Why I Joined Sigma Gamma Rho.....

"Once I learned of Sigma's history and the many contributing women that help found this organization, I felt as if this were my opportunity to make a TRUE DIFFERENCE at Penn State.  To me it gave an entirely new meaning to what being in a sorority meant.  The 9 of us worked diligently to bring to Penn State a sorority that stood for something...its true dedication to service.  We brought to Penn State and OPTION...another avenue for other women like ourselves to have available.  We brought to Penn State for all of the college attendees with our background a new found belief that anything can be accomplished with perseverance.  I am EXTREMELY proud to be a founding member and I am so glad that our legacy has been followed by some of the strongest women I have come to know."

--Leslie Webb Crudup, Charter Member, Fall 1987


“The reason I joined Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated is simple: Sigma was where I felt the most comfortable. I had attended other events and open houses hosted by other sororities, and never felt any kind of connection. The Sigma Sorors here were warm, never pressuring and downright cool. I saw how confident and dedicated they were to serving their organization.  After I knew Sigma Gamma Rho on a local level, I researched it as a national organization and became impressed with the huge emphasis that Sigma placed on educating youth. Programs such as Project Reassurance, Project Mwanumujimu, Operation Big Bag and the Rhoers Club made it clear that children were its main focus. After speaking to other Sigma Sorors from other schools and researching it more, I knew from that point that Sigma Gamma Rho was where I wanted to be.”

--Courtney L. Robinson, Spring 2002