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Sigma Poetry




Out of a crowd of millions, I emerge to be
The star of every galaxy that I'm destined to be
And when I arrive, all eyes are on me.
More distinguished than any other, I am a rarity.
I am the first encounter of every kind
So enthrall, dominating, and refined.
Suave, sexy, strong, and unmistakably envied
by all of those who desire to belong to me.
But my complexity is too intense to see
Yet I am even amazed by my own ability
I am bad from head to toe
I am a soror of Sigma Gamma Rho.


By Soror Cheri McCottrrell-Wade
S.S. S.A.M.M. 1980
Gamma Rho Chapter - Illinois State University

A Sigma Woman Once Said

It takes strong determination with unselfish pride
To be a lady in the Rhoyal Blue and Gold sky.
It takes courage and wisdom together combined
To withstand the true test of Sigma time.

It requires a strong leader to turn about
Someone who’s confident with very few doubts.
It takes someone who recognizes all that she can do
Sometimes authoritative, but a follower too.

It requires an independent woman who knows where she stands
Keeping one fist firm, the other an open hand.
It takes a lot of patience to find the right way
But I promise you this, you’ll get there someday.

Success is not whether or not you’ve reached the top
But the knowledge you’ve gained from the experiences you got.
So follow your mind from the very start
For it’s that which contains all the thinking parts.

If you believe in yourself that you will succeed
Then you’ve already completed a part of the SIGMA CREED.

  Written by Soror Paula Tracey-Ann Williamson