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Kappa Rho Programming

Kappa Rho participates in a variety of programs throughout the year, emphasizing both community service and campus education as well as putting on social events for the campus community. 

  • National Program Support: During the 2003-2004 year, Kappa Rho will be focusing on three of our national projects: Operation Big Bookbag, Project Reassurance and Buckle-Up America.

  • Local Community Service:  This year, Kappa Rho will be serving the State College/University Park community through participation in THON, March of Dimes and "Into the Streets."  Each month, Kappa Rho will have a community service project geared towards youth in the Central Pennsylvania area.  We are working on establishing a mentoring program with several local schools and restarting the Rhoers program in the State College area (which we hope to expand to neighboring townships in the years to come!)

  • Campus Education:  In keeping with our sorority's focus on education, Kappa Rho will host a number of programs throughout the year for the student body.  Some past and future programs include: Single Mothers on the Rise, Sister to Sister Sorority Potluck, S-Plan, The Great Race to Graduate, Sigma Study Hours, Sex for Chocolate, Face the Facts and Sigma Spotlights.

  • Social Programs:  The ladies of Kappa Rho recognize the need for positive social opportunities, particularly for students of color at Penn State University.  As a result, each year we host a number of opportunities for students to get together and relax in a fun and safe environment.  Additionally, much of the proceeds from our social programs goes to support our community service projects.  Upcoming social programs include: Open House, Homecoming, and Rhomania.