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Kappa Rho History Past Lines of Kappa Rho Our Awards and Achievements  


The Story of Kappa Rho

Early in the Fall of 1987, a little yellow flyer caught the attention of several women on the campus of The Pennsylvania State University.  This flyer advertised an interest meeting for "the fourth national traditionally African-American sorority," Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.  On a campus where the history of Black Greek Lettered organizations stretched back into the 1920s, nine women felt that one more option was needed for women of color and began their quest to bring Sigma to Penn State.  With the help of regional officer Jimmie Jackson and sorors from the Washington DC area, these women brought the blue and gold to Penn State on December 12, 1987.

Our chartering members, known as the "Premiere Nine" are:

  • Karla Denise Ray Thompson

  • Leslie Webb Crudup

  • Terell Carla Ford

  • Belvie Stacey Herbert Perry

  • Michelle Denise Wilkins

  • Vannessa Amanda Thompson Christian

  • Sandra Gateau Reed

  • Kim Angela Blackman

  • Grace Madelyn Powell

As we celebrate our 21st anniversary year, we thank these brave women for daring to be different and bring true sisterhood and service to Penn State.