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So You Want to Join A Sorority....

Each woman is different in her own way.  In each organization there is a common thread that bonds women of similar interest together as sisters.  Many college women seek something more than attending classes and making casual friends.  Sororities can provide an environment that fosters personal growth and promotes lifelong friendships.


Along with friendship, laughter and fun, sorority membership provides excellent opportunities for a life of learning and involvement.  All Greek organizations have a standard of excellence based on ideals, purposes, principles, and values, and sorority membership offers opportunities to help you reach your goals.  Sororities not only set the standards for scholastic achievement, leadership development, and community service, but they also stand by you as you strive to achieve your personal best.  Regardless of which organization you join, you will find a strong bond with women who will celebrate your accomplishments and share your hopes and dreams.


Sororities have five basic benefits: sisterhood, scholarship, leadership, philanthropy (charitable causes/community service), and socializing.  Sorority membership means commitment.  When you make the decision to join, you will make a promise to uphold your sorority's standards and to support your sisters.


*provided by Soror Racquel Dozier