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Bobby Darin's Page

Meow Mriau, Welcome to my homepage! I'm Bobby Darin Jones. I was born in Texas in May of 1997. I was named after my grandpa and my dad. I'm a well traveled cat who has been all over the US and even got to fly in airplanes! My longest trip was over the Ocean to a tiny island in the Atlantic. Well, check out these pictures of me!

Bobby Darin at 8 weeks

This was my first day home! Here, I'm exploring my new territory. The bow made me feel like a sissy kitty. It wouldn't stay where Mama wanted it to.

Water Trough Bobby

This is a picture I didn't want Mama to put up when I was a kitten, but now that I look at it, I think it's awfully cute!

Bobby Using the Bathroom Toilet

Here I am demonstrating my ability on the toilet. Mama always gets excited when I use the toilet. I must admit, I miss my litterbox sometimes. Position is very important to me.