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 Grist Mill,Danville, Pa.
North Mill St.Danville, Pa. 1966
Continental Ladies Aux,1963,Danville Pa.
North Mill St.,Danville, Pa.
Iron mill, Danville, Pa.
Big Mill, Danville, Pa.
Ferry & remains of bridge
Reading RR Station, Danville, Pa.
Holy Family Convent, Danville, Pa.
Montour County Courthouse, Danville, Pa.
St.Cyrils Academy, Danville, Pa.
RR Station,Riverside(S.Danville) Pa.
Danville, Pa. Bridge
T. Beaver Free Library, Danville, Pa.1905
Danville High School, Danville, Pa.1905
3rd Ward School, Danville, Pa.
Danville Opera House, Danville, Pa.
Danville High School,Front ST
Iron Works, Danville, Pa.
1904 flood sageburg, Danville, Pa.
1904 flood pic 2
1904 flood pic 3
1904 flood iron st.
1904 flood river bridge
1904 flood pic 6
1904 flood railroad st
1904 flood 4 pics river bridge
1904 flood 4 pics river bridge
1904 flood train trestle & dog
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