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The Unofficial Warhammer 40k Costume and Prop Archive

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Name: Lilibat
Location: San Francisco, California
Materials: "The insignia are mostly metal and wood with resin skulls cast from Black Library keychain skulls, the armor is leather, the robe velvet lined with black cotton. The leather corset is VERY heavy with all the metal skull conchos but it's worth it. The purity seals are sculpy with chicago screws embedded in the back for easy attachment and the 'parchment' is tea stained cotton muslin soaked in elmer's glue to make it stiff and keep it from unraveling. It's much more durable than using paper.

I spread the glue on the tea stained fabric before I even cut the strips, hang it to dry then cut and write and write and write and write and write ...

Yes, all the armor is leather. I sort of duct tape or tie the leather into the shape I want being sure to only touch one side. Then I use water based poly coat on the bare side and paint it on super thick so it soaks into the leather, usually doing several coats. Once one side has been coated into submission I unbind it and rebind it on the coated side and do the same. Once I am done it holds it's shape quite well. I can smoosh down the shoulders when going through a tight space and they just sproing back happily without fuss.

I make my seals mostly by creating sculpy molds or stamps. I make a reverse using warhammer skulls, pins or things I cobble together. Then I bake the molds, spray them with PAM and press in more sculpy to make the actual seals. I bake the female end of a chicago screw into the back so I can securely attach the seals once finished.

The 'crotch cross' as I like to call it, is a wood cut-out cross from Michael's Crafts with filigree and the skull in a circle thingy which I think was a cap off a spice jar or something, I forget. The gold paint I use on everything is wax based it's grecian gold rub-n-buff.

The pewter rub-n-buff is almost exactly the same as bolt gun model paint, you have to hold them next to each other on the same exact surface to tell a difference and even then it's hard to tell."

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