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Name: MakinStuffOutOfStuff/Dave
Publicly Displayed: New York Comicon 2009
Materials: "The boots are actually stilts. I built up platforms from 2x4s and bungee-strapped them to my feet. My legs were a little restricted because of the stilts and I couldn't bring the weapon sights up to eye level because of how the shoulders guards are mounted, but I had full movement otherwise.

It was really light, everything is all cardboard and paper mache. The pauldrons were the hardest part. What I wound up doing was buying a bunch of that green florists foam (the kind they put flowers on display in), gluing it together, and then carving it down to the rough shape. Then I put a layer or two of aluminum foil on top so I could re-use the mold. I covered that in about six layers of paper mache, sanded down as much as I could, and then bam: light weight shoulder guards. Oh, those are hockey gloves by the way.

The stomach is storm drain cut up, bent, and spray painted silver. The skull was made out of clay by my friend who has an account on deviant art actually, her name is "ryka-the-fallen." I painted it silver and touched up the bottom. The wings I made from actual feathers and spray painted the whole thing silver.

What I should have done, if I had time, was put an enamel coating on the outside and sanded that down to make it really smooth. But, meh. I might do that this year if I have time, but then I'll need to re-paint the insignia...which I guess I wouldn't mind doing anyway, the raven will come out better the second time around.

The whole project came to about $80 or $90. I only really used about $50 worth of stuff in the end though, about $40 went to experimenting with different materials.

I stood a little under 7ft with it on, which is about a foot shorter than actual scale.

If you're concerned about legitimacy to the games, here are the inconsistencies which make it non-canon but all the more awesome: (In other words, I changed all this intentionally because I thought it looked better)[in some more words, if you're going to nerd out about this, blow me.]

1. Raven Guard armor is all black with white trim, the shoulders should not be red.
2. The right shoulder has IX for 9th company, even though the Raven Guard are barely holding on for membership, so there are only four Raven Guard companies.
3. There should be a helmet.
4. The skull and wings are supposed to be white.

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