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The Unofficial Warhammer 40k Costume and Prop Archive

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Name: Lord Jacobus
Location: Unknown
Materials: "Heres what I used:
Olive Drab Canadian combat fatigues
Dark Forest Green Canadian parade over coat
Black leather combat boots
German style Olive Drab Field hat
Laspistol (never did get around to painting it, just as well, dont want it to look to real, could get arrested) it was a old nerf gun
The book is just an old hard cover novel I had laying around.
The two Inquistorial 'I' s were very simple. I took some cardboard and cut It to the general shape and size that I wanted. I then took some duck tape and preceded to put it on the cardboard for stability and looks.
The eye wrap is a simple gauze bandage wrapped and tied around my head. I took a vial of fake blood and soaked it onto the one side so that it bleed thrugh. Thus giving the realistic look. "

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