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The Unofficial Warhammer 40k Costume and Prop Archive

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Name: Caitlin Dick, Karen Dick & Ricky Dick
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Website: and
Background: "We LOVE warhammer 40k. We were planning to do the harlequins since we got the figures back in the 96 ish time period. Just took us 10 years to get around to them.

All the armour and helmets on the three costumes is fiberglass. All of it was built up, like doing autobody, no molds were used. and they all have automotive paint finishes on them.

It is based on the warhammer 40K universe, and the Harlequins characters they produced in the early 90's. The gamers are encouraged to customize the figures , so we took elements from them, and created our own characters. left to right: Domino, The Avatar, Solitaire"
Publicly Displayed: Baltimore CC-27, 2006

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