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The Unofficial Warhammer 40k Costume and Prop Archive

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Name: Boltrig
Location: Glasgow, UK
Materials: "The laspistol is back to being a WIP since Ive got time to work on it now but the purity seal is done and is one of many variations. Theres a rare earth magnet embedded in the back of it so that I can position any scroll I want between the seal and my coat and pin the whole lot in place with another magnet on the reverse ^^

The laspistol is a functioning airsoft pistol

The uniform was: Black BDUs New rocks Trench coat Magetic purity seals Peaked Cap Laspistol Red Sash

I did have a chainsword to go with the laspistol but the gremlins to exception to it at 3am the day of the con."

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