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The Unofficial Warhammer 40k Costume and Prop Archive

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Name: Inquisitionstrupp23
Location: Germany
Materials: "This armor is made of steel sheets that are welded together (older armor was 2mm steel sheet newer armor is a little bit lighter around 1,5mm to 1mm steelsheet). You have front and back build plus the shoulder guards and then you need to look how to get these stay together. Straps over the shoulders to allign front and back (older Versions had steel straps so some need tapeing to protect the shoulders newer ones had strong web straps). You need your own imagination to build yourself these armors. You may not have an Ironworker so maybe you could make these out of Plastic Sheets..."

"We are more into the Reenactment factor. No direct Game plan or rules. Yes its a little bit strange to call it reenactment if this would take place in the far future of mankind...but we would go good with it...just live the 40th Milennium way...for the three day and then returning into our normal selves...its always nice."

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