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The Unofficial Warhammer 40k Costume and Prop Archive

Site Information

What this site is not:

I do not sell costumes, props, kits, parts or plans. Games Workshop has some of the worlds most vicious attack lawyers and any number of people have received cease and desist orders from them for even mentioning the idea of maybe thinking of selling something related to their Intellectual Property. While I have my own views on them and their policy I understand their point of view and have no desire to step on their toes. While some of the items on this site have been sold by their maker at some point, I include them here only for purposes of completeness. I don't publicly support or condone their actions and any requests for information on how to purchase anything shown here will be ignored.

Games Workshop's policy on costumes and such is clear: "We cannot allow third parties to obtain money from our intellectual property". "...this effectively means that you would either have to buy Games Workshop (items) or make them yourself. You would not be able to sell any(thing) that you make". For more information see the legal section of the Games Workshop website here.

What this site is:

Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of props and costumes based on the Warhammer 40,000 universe on the web. First some history, I've been a fan of 40k since the mid-90s and have been interested in prop and costume construction for almost as long. Initially there wasn't much content for either on the internet but as the technology has advanced the amount has steadily increased. Over the years I've found many people who have taken the plunge and attempted to make something from the Warhammer 40k universe. Initially I would save whatever I found in order to view it offline (dial-up was slow and expensive). This proved fortunate as many of the early sites have disappeared and much would have been lost. Now with the expansion of broadband and free image hosting it's become easy to post and share things indefinitely. Despite this though it's still difficult to find new content, there is no central repository and searches just turn up the old established hits.

That brings me to this site whose purpose is two-fold. The first and most important to me is to archive those projects that have disappeared. Every time I see something new posted invariably there is a chorus of "That's awesome! I've never seen one better!" and "Why hasn't anyone else done that before!". Chances are it has been done before though whether or not it's awesome or better is probably debatable. Regardless, I love this stuff and I want to share what I've found with everyone. There are some things I know I'm missing and I'm sure there are plenty that I'll never know about. Even still I've found over 740 items ranging from a simple purity seal to full Space Marine armor.

The second purpose for this site is the hope that, by providing a centralized collection, people will find the inspiration to try making their own creations as well as strive to higher quality. It's an unfortunate fact that the majority of 40k costumes and props aren't that great. This can be for various reasons including materials, proportions, construction or detailing. Seeing what other people have done, what is possible and what doesn't work, will hopefully give people the impetus to try it themselves, show them what to expect from their projects and make them strive to be better.

If you have anything you'd like to include on this site please contact me at: jackdoud at hotmail

All images and text are copyright of Jack Doud unless otherwise noted. Permission is given to download and/or distribute any portions that are not the property of Games Workshop Limited for non-commercial use providing that credit is given to the original owner. Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, and other names are registered trademarks of Games Workshop Limited and are used without endorsement or permission by same. If anyone has a problem with my using them let me know. Now stop reading this and go look at something else.