The Mares of Hidden Timber Ranch

Miniature mares

The following girls are TOVERO. This term refers to horses that carry both the tobiano gene as well as an overo gene.

Hidden Timbers Streak of Glitter is registered with the AMHA/AMHR/PtHA. She is out of our homozygous mare Annie (above) and sired by Streaker. She is as sweet as she is pretty. LWO positive, with one pretty blue eye. Like most of Streakers foals she has his short little head, long neck and super correct legs. Glitter has an unbelievable disposition, she is the "baby" of the farm. She stands appr. 32" tall. Glitter was bred to Peppy for 2014 and produced a gorgeous buckskin tovero filly with blue eyes. Glitter is back in foal this year, bred to Galaxy.

Brown and white miniature mare

Hidden Timbers Streak of Pebbles is sired by Streaker and out of our old foundation mare, Trey Acres Lu Molly. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to purchase Pebbles back in 2014 and look forward to seeing what she will produce for us. Pebbles is a sorrel tovero, lwo+. She is the ultimate in gentleness, truly one of those "in your pocket" type horses. We are so pleased to have her back with us! Pebbles is in foal to Galaxy for 2020.

Hidden Timbers Peppys Glowing Debut is sired by Streaker and out of our sweet Glitter. Glow stands 33" tall is double registered, has two blue eyes and Belton Markings on her face and legs. She is a dark buckskin and white tovero, lwo+. Glow is bred to Galaxy for 2020.

These next few mares are LWO+ overo mares, a couple of them are also homozygous for splash white over.

Hidden Timbers Streak of Pearls was born in 2012. Snow white with bright blue eyes this little girl is very special. She is sired by Cozy Corners Streak of Magic and out of Jewel and like all of Jewels foals she is sweet and gentle and friendly. For those of you unfamiliar with the white overos, Pearl is deaf. Pearl has tested positive for LWO and homozgyous for the splash white overo gene. Pearl is bred to Galaxy for 2020.

Hidden Timbers Passionate Streak is a stunning 2014 mare, sired by Streaker and out of Alibi, this is the sweetest little mare. Passion is bred for her first foal to Galaxy for 2020.

Coolest Classic Affair was bred here at Hidden Timber but sold while her mother was in foal to Streaker. Classy was the result and I was lucky enough to get to buy her. She is LWO+ and homozygous splash white overo. Classy had her first foal in 2019, a beautiful black and white colt. Bred back to Alex for 2020.

Canterburys Fashioned with Lace is a bay frame overo who also carries a copy of sabino. Sweet girl that stands 33" and is one of our very few R only mares. Lacy is bred to Hidden Timbers Chief Alexander for a 2020 foal.

The rest of our mares are LWO negative OVERO, either splash white or sabino, we'll start with the SPLASH WHITE OVERO girls. Their white is not broken and it comes up from underneath, usually right up the legs and into the body. Splash white horses usually have complete apron faces with blue eyes and only seem to occasionally have eyeliner.

Hidden Timbers Streak of Miracles was born on May 11, 2011 out of Lilliput Acres Miraculous Alex (chocolate sabino) and sired by Streaker. "Mira" is a stunning mare that has tested positive for sabino1, negative for LWO and homozygous for splash white. Very correct pretty girl with blue eyes and a ton of personality. Mira is full sister to Spring. Mira is bred back to T-Bone for 2020.

Hidden Timbers Splash of Ebony is a 2005 AMHA/AMHR black splash white overo mare with gorgeous blue eyes set in a spectacularly beautiful face. She stands 33" tall and is sweet and docile. We have hardshipped Ebby into the AMHA. She is that nice! Ebby has given us three perfect, little fillies and has taken a couple of years off. Ebby is bred to Streaker for 2015.

Hidden Timbers Charming Streak is truly a dream come true. A black splash white overo sired by our Streaker and out of Cherry, this gorgeous filly has matured close to 34". She has been tested and found to be homozygous for the splash white overo gene. She has the straightest legs, prettiest head, longest neck, bluest eyes and undoubtedly the sweetest personality. Her jet black color and lwo negative test results make her the perfect choice for us to keep for our future. Charm was retained to breed to T-Bone and this year we are doing just that. Can't wait to see the results. She has been bred back to Spirit for 2020.

Rauchs Rowdy Splash is a 2004 AMHA registered, 33" bay splash. I just can't say enough about this beautiful girl. She has outstanding conformation, an amazing neck and is gorgeous from any angle. "Alibi" has come to us in the spring of 2011. She and Streaker have given us two beautiful homozygous splash white fillies in a row. I am keeping her 2014 filly for our breeding program. Alibi is bred to Spirit for 2020!

Hidden Timbers Streak of Spring, when Spring was born I just could not believe my eyes, she is a perfect replica of her mother, unquestionably one of the best broodmares we ever owned, Lilliput Acres Miraculous Alex. Spring was born in 2010 and is sired by Streaker. With her eye catching sabino markings, her beautiful blue eyes and her gentle disposition she is just what I like. Spring carries both sabino and splash white overo genes. Look at that stride!!! This is what we are breeding for! Spring is bred to T-Bone for a spring 2020 foal.