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Gil's SHN & FLAC List

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Updated 12-28-07


Agent Porridge
04-24-99 Sayre Field,Bethlehem, PA All    AUD   (1)   Schoeps CMC6/MK2S>Apogee AD-1000>DA-P1

Allman Brothers Band
02-11-70aFillmore Eadt, NY, NY     All    SBD   (1)   MR>Cass>DAT>CDR
11-13-70 Ludlow's Cincinnati, OH   ---    SBD   (1)   ("Return to Ludlow's Garage")
01-28-71 Fillmore West, SF, CA     All    AUD   (1)   unknown>MR>RR>D
03-12-71bFillmore East, NY, NY     ---    SBD   (1)   
08-26-71 A&R Studios, NY, NY       All    FM    (1)   
04-16-72 Academy Of Music, NY, NY  All    SBD   (1)   RR>CDR 
06-02-73 THe Omin, Atlanta, GA     All    SBD   (1)
06-10-73 RFK, Washington, DC       All    SBD   (1)   MR>cass>DAT>CDR/(d2t04 cut at 3:13)
07-21-91 Telluride, CO             All    MTX   (2)   SBD+Neumann TLM 170>DAT/(some spots of diginoise)
08-14-94 Woodstock, Saugerties, NY ---    SBD   (1)   ("Dixie Flag")/probably FM/missing Same Thing
08-30-94 Fairgrounds, Syracuse, NY All    SBD   (2)   SBD>DAT
06-22-96 Darein Lake, Darien, NY   All    SBD   (2)   SBD>DAT/(d1t01 missing first few seconds)
07-21-00 Starlake,Burgettstown, PA All    AUD   (3)   AT 822>D8
09-16-05 UMB Pav, St. Louis, MO    All    AUD   (2)   AKG 393>UA-5(warm mod)>D8/(dropout d1t02 2:39)
03-09-06 Beacon Thtr, NY, NY       I,II   AUD   (2)   Neumann KM184>Edirol UA-5>PC(loge,dfc,split 6')
03-24-06 Beacon Thtr, NY, NY       I,II   AUD   (2)   Schoeps CMXY 4V>Sound Devices 722
08-05-07 SPAC, Saratoga Springs,NY All    AUD   (2)   B&K 4022>ACM PMD-671
08-18-07 Tom Ridge Pav,Bushkill,PA All    AUD   (1)   Teac ME-80(cards)>AD-20>DA-P1

Aquarium Rescue Unit
06-29-91 Music Farm,Charleston, SC All    SBD   (1)   SBD>cass(m)
03-26-94 Ziggy's, Winston-Salem,NC I,II   SBD   (1)   SBD

Avalon Allstars
04-20-04 Avalon Ballroom, SF, CA   All    MTX   (1)   AKG C61(@ stage lip)+SBD(vocals only)>Mackie 1202>DA-P1

Avett Bros.
08-05-06 Pickathon, Boring, OR     All    MTX   (1)   Sennheiser omnis+AKG C422+SBD
06-13-07 Arts Fest, Pgh, PA        All    AUD   (1)   Teac ME-80(omnis)>AD-20>DA-P1

The Band
08-01-73 Roosevelt,Jersey City,NJ  All    SBD   (1)   diginoise d1t08 1:29
11-25-76 Winterland, SF, CA        All    SBD   (2)   
01-06-86 Fast & Cool, Dallas, TX   All    AUD   (2)   Beyer M201>Sony D5M

12-15-04 Roxy, W Hollywood, CA     All    AUD   (1)   Core Sound HEB(DPA 4060)>CS battery box>SBM-1>D100
12-16-04 DiPiazza's,Long Beach, CA All    AUD   (1)   Core Sound HEB(DPA 4060)>CS battery box>SBM-1>D100

Big E
06-14-02 Commodore, Vancouver, BC  All    AUD   (2)   Schoeps CMC6/Mk4>Lunatec V2>AD2K(NS2)>D8(on stage)

Blind Melon
xx-xx-xx Live 1992-1993            ---    SBD   (1)   various live tracks
xx-xx-90 "Good Foot Workshop"      ---    SBD   (1)   cass(m)>DAT>CDR/(studio demos)
03-17-94 Kirksville, MO            ---    SBD   (1)   
12-xx-94 "Raw Soup"                ---    SBD   (1)   ("Soup" demos,rough mixes,alt. tracks)
09-12-95 MuchMusic, Toronto        ---    SBD   (1)   
10-11-95 Palace, Hollywood, CA     ---    SBD   (1)   pre-FM SBD (Westwood One)

Blues Traveler
04-02-92 Alumini Gym, Knoxville,TN All    SBD   (2)   SBD>cass(m)>DAT
10-16-97 AJ Palumbo, Pgh, PA       I,II   SBD   (2)   SBD>DA-P1/(most likely a matrix)
07-29-07 Hartwood, Pittsburgh, PA  All    MTX   (1)   BT "Instant Live"

09-27-76 Agora, Cleveland, OH      All    SBD   (1)   

04-02-04 Luther's, Madison, WI     All    AUD   (1)   Octava MK01>M-Audio Firewire 410>JB3

Camper Van Beethoven
08-10-87 KCRW, Santa Monica, CA    All    FM    (1)   
07-18-02 Knitting Factory, NY, NY  All    AUD   (1)   unknown 
02-06-04 Fox Thtr, BOulder, CO     All    AUD   (1)   Neumann SKM140>MP2>ADC20>M1
06-13-04 Bonnaroo, Manchester, TN  All    AUD   (1)   B&K 4022>Sonosax SX-M2>Apogee MiniMe(DFC,FOB)
10-29-04 Metro, Chicago, IL        ---    FM    (1)   WXRT-FM broadcast>DAT>CDR>FLAC
11-14-04aPlan 9, Richmond, VA      All    AUD   (1)   B&K 4011>Lunatec V2>AD2K->DA-P1
11-14-04bShockoe, Richmond, VA     All    AUD   (1)   B&K 4011>Lunatec V2>AD2K->DA-P1

Jon Check
06-02-07 Arts Fest, Pgh, PA        All    AUD   (1)   Teac ME80(cards)>AD-20>DA-P1

xx-xx-00 HOB, Chicago, IL          ---    SBD   (1)   ("Bootleg Live!")

Col. Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade
09-02-00 Snow Ridge, Turin, NY     All    SBD   (1)   SBD>DA-P1
02-19-01 Boathouse, Norfolk, VA    All    AUD   (1)   2-Audio Technica 4053 (hyper cardoid) left & right+1-Audio Technica 4073 (short shotgun) center>Mackie 1202>M1
11-15-02 Ira Allen, Burlington, VT All    SBD   (1)
05-14-03 Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH  All    SBD   (1) 
07-15-03 Stone Pony,Asbury Park,NJ All    AUD   (1)   Rode NT-5>M Audio Battery Box>D8

Les Claypool's Frog Brigade
05-27-00 Mtn Aire, Angels Camp, CA All    SBD   (1)   SBD>DAT

Les Claypool & the Holy Mackerel
10-20-96 La Luna, Portland, OR     All    AUD   (1)   AKG C-522 ENG>Denon DTR-80P

Ornette Coleman
11-02-71 Belgrade                  All    SBD   (1)   

05-12-92 Empire CC, Cleveland, OH  ---    FM    (1)   (dropout in d1t02@0:08, missing Eurotrash Girl)
09-01-01 Snowridge, Turin, NY      All    AUD   (1)   Schoeps CMC6/MK2S>Apogee AD-1000>G3(Split 30',@ FOH)
11-17-03 McNear's, Petaluma, CA    All    AUD   (1)   AKG 480/CK61>GP DMIC-20>M-Audio CO2>JB3
06-13-04 Bonnaroo, Manchester, TN  All    AUD   (1)   B&K 4022>Sonosax SX-M2>Apogee MiniMe(DFC,FOB)
11-14-04 Shockoe, Richmond, VA     All    AUD   (1)   B&K 4011>Lunatec V2>AD2K>DA-P1

Cracker/Camper Duo(Trio)
12-19-04 Lion's Lair, Denver, CO   I,II   SBD   (1)   SBD>JB3/(Lowery&Hickman)
03-22-05 Bowery Ballroom, NY, NY   All    AUD   (1)   Nakamichi 300>D8

10-15-67 GrandeBallroom,Detroit,MI All    SBD   (1)   

06-29-00 The Palace, LA, CA        All    AUD   (1)   unknown

David Grisman Quintet
07-17-02 Norva, Norfolk, VA        All    SBD   (1)   SBD>DA-P1

Miles Davis
04-11-70 Fillmore West, SF, CA     All    FM    (1)   FM>MR>cass/1>R500(SBM)>WAV

Delaney & Bonnie and Friends
07-22-71 A&R Studios, NY, NY       All    FM    (1)   FM>MR>DAT>WAV>FLAC/(some static)

Derek Trucks Band
05-24-07aWYEP Studio, Pgh, PA      All    FM    (1)   Aiwa AV-X100 receiver>Sony DTC-A6(pass through, SBM on)>Audiophile 2496>Sound Forge 6.0(very light ticks throughout (radio intereference),static (radio interference) during Forty Four, Feel So Bad)

Dickey Betts & Great Southern
08-09-07 Boarding House,Lowell, MA All    AUD   (1)   Nakamichi CM300>UA-5(W+ mod)>H120

Don't Push the Clown
02-27-04 Boom Boom Room, SF, CA    I,II   MTX   (2)   AKG C61+SBD(Ray's vocals only)>Mackie 1202 vlz>Apogee Mini Me>DA-P1

Gibb Droll 
08-11-99 Tulagi's, Boulder, CO     I,II   SBD   (2)   SBD>DAT>CDR

Bob Dylan
07-26-64 Newport Folk Fest, RI     ---    SBD   (1)   ("From Newport to the Ancient Empty Street in L.A.")
05-07-65 Manchester                All    SBD   (1)   ("From the Heart Vol. 2")
07-25-65 Newport Folk Fest, RI     ---    SBD   (1)   ("From Newport to the Ancient Empty Street in L.A.")
09-03-65 Hollywood Bowl, LA, CA    All    SBD   (1)   ("From Newport to the Ancient Empty Street in L.A.")
xx-xx-66 "Genuine Live '66"        ---    SBD   (5)   (all of the unreleased circulating SBD recordings from the '66 Spring World Tour)
10-31-75 War Memorial,Plymouth, MA ---    SBD   (1)   ("Plymouth Rock" - AEP)   
04-22-76 Clearwater, FL            ---    SBD   (1)   (SBD portions of early & late shows only)
07-06-78 Pavillon, Paris           I,II   AUD   (2)   unknown/("Border Beneath the Sun")
02-05-80 Civic Aud, Knoxville, TN  All    AUD   (2)   unknown/("Knoxville Grail")
07-10-81 Drammenhalle, Drammen     All    SBD   (2)   ("In The Summertime")
11-10-81 Saenger, New Orleans, LA  I,II   SBD   (1)   (fades after each track/missing two songs)/("Child's Balloon")
06-28-84 Minestadio, Barcelona     All    AUD   (1)   unknown
06-30-88 Jones Beach, Wantagh, NY  All    SBD   (1)
10-19-88 Radio City, NY, NY        ---    SBD   (1)   ("Stuck Inside New YorK")
05-05-92 Warfield, SF, CA          All    AUD   (1)   unknown
07-09-93 Riazor Stadium, La Coruna All    SBD   (1)   
07-17-93 Bern, Switzerland         All    SBD   (1)
09-12-93 Great Woods,Mansfield, MA All    SBD   (2)   ("Great Woods")
11-16-93bSupper Club, NY, NY       All    SBD   (1)   
08-13-94 Saugerties, NY            All    SBD   (1)   ("Finally Live at Woodstock")
10-19-94 Roseland, NY, NY          All    AUD   (2)   unknown/("New York City 94")
10-25-94 Kirby Ctr,Wilkes-Barre,PA All    AUD   (1)   unknown/(brief digital glitch ~3:04 d2t01)
06-25-95 RFK, Washington, DC       All    AUD   (1)   Schoeps CMC6/MK4>Oade P/S>Casio DA7
09-23-95 Edge, Ft. Lauderdale, FL  All    AUD   (1)   unknown mics>DAT
08-03-96 HOB, Atlanta, GA          All    SBD   (1)   ("House of the Blues")
08-12-97 Montage, Scranton, PA     All    AUD   (2)   unknown/("Can't Wait Vol.1")
08-24-97 Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA     All    SBD   (1)   ("After the Heartattack Vol.2")
12-08-97 Irving Plaza, NY, NY      All    SBD   (2)   ("White Dove")
05-19-98 Arena, San Jose, CA       All    SBD   (1)   (beginning of d1t13 cut)/("San Jose '98")
10-23-98 Minneapolis, MN           All    SBD   (1)   
06-14-99 Eugene, OR                ---    SBD   (1)   ("All Aboard!")
02-09-02 Philips Arena,Atlanta, GA All    SBD   (2)   remastered Assisted Listening Device/("All Ages Catch Dylan")
08-03-02 Fort Stage, Newport, RI   All    AUD   (2)   unknown/("Newport 2002")
11-13-03 Le Zenith, Paris. France  I,II   AUD   (2)   ("Cedar Version 2 ***Mad Dog Remaster***")
03-26-04 Avalon, Boston, MA        All    AUD   (1)   Schoeps CMC6/MK4>Sonosax>SBM-1>D100

Dylan & the Dead
07-19-87 Autzen Stad, Eugene, OR   All    SBD   (1)   SBD>???>CDR

Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash Nashville Sessions
02-xx-69 CBS Studio A,Nashville,TN All    SBD   (1)   

Bob Dylan and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
08-05-86 Shoreline, Mtn View, CA   All    SBD   (2)   ("There Is a Place of Broken Dreams")

xx-xx-91 unknown venue             ---    ???   (1)
03-16-93 Sioux City Falls, SD      All    SBD   (1)   SBD>DAT/(D1T01 fades in)
03-18-93 Wilmington, CA            All    SBD   (1)   SBD>DAT>cass(1)>FLAC

Flaming Lips
03-04-95 Hollywood, CA             ---    AUD   (1)   ("Says 'Sweet Jesus'...")
04-30-96 Double Door, Chicago, IL  All    AUD   (1)   Realistic 33-1065>D6,cass(1)>CDR
08-30-03 Snow Ridge, Turin, NY     All    AUD   (1)   Neumann KM184>PS-2>AD-20>PCM-M1(FOB 15',LoC)
02-13-99 TLA, Philadelphia, PA     I,II   AUD   (2)   Schoeps CMC6/MK21>Apogee AD-1000(FOB)
05-21-98 BrickxBrick,San Diego, CA All    SBD   (1)   SBD>DAT
01-29-99 Graffiti, Pittsburgh, PA  I,II   AUD   (3)   Schoeps MK4>Sonosax SX-M2>HHb
05-05-01 Saenger Thtr, NO, LA      I,II   AUD   (2)   Schoeps CMC4/MK4>Oade custom>AT8202>Zefiro>DA-P1>Philips CD Burner>EAC>SHN

Garcia, Kaukonen, Cassady, Hart, Dryden
10-28-69 2400 Fulton St, SF, CA    ---    SBD   (1)   MR>Cass>DAT>CDR>EAC>SHN

God Street Wine
10-27-94 Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO  I,II   MTX   (2)   SBD+unknown mics>DAT

Gov't Mule
08-30-97 Fillmore, SF, CA          All    SBD   (2)   

Grateful Dead
02-14-68 Carousel Ballroom,SF,CA   I,II   SBD   (2)   MR>DAT>CDR>EAC>SHN/(tuning break...Midnight Hour from FM source)
08-23-68 Shrine Aud, LA, CA        ---    SBD   (1)   
10-12-68 Avalon, SF, CA            I,II   SBD   (1)   MR>DAT>Sonic Solutions>CDR
01-26-69 Avalon, SF, CA            I,II   SBD   (1)   MR>cass(1)>DAT>CDR/(splice in d1t07 8:12)
02-27-69 Fillmore West, SF, CA     I,II   SBD   (1)   MR(16 track)>DAT
02-28-69 Fillmore West, SF, CA     I,II   SBD   (3)   MR(16 track)>DAT
03-01-69 Fillmore West, SF, CA     I,II   SBD   (2)   Multitrack MR>DAT>CD-R>DAW>SHN
03-02-69 Fillmore West, SF, CA     I,II   SBD   (2)   MR(16 track)>DAT>CDR
04-14-72 Copenhagen, Denmark       I,II   SBD   (2)   MR>cass>DAT>CDR
04-17-72 Copenhagen, Denmark       I,II   SBD   (2)   MR(16 track)>DAT
05-26-72 Strand Lyceum, London     I,II   SBD   (2)   MR>DAT>CDR
08-27-72 Fairground, Veneta, OR  I,II,III SBD   (2)   MR(2 track)>DAT>Sonic Solutions>CDR>EAC>Sound Forge Edit(analog pop removal using pencil tool)>Sound Forge Pitch Shift(antialias filter followed by pitch shift of +19 cents)
02-09-73 Maples Pav, Palo Alto, CA I,II   SBD   (2)   MR>RR>CDR
03-28-73 Civic Ctr, Springfield,MA II     SBD   (1)   MR>DAT
04-02-73 Boston Garden, Boston, MA I,II   SBD   (2)   MR>DAT>Sonic Solutions>CDR
05-26-73 Kezar Stadium, SF, CA   I,II,III SBD   (3)   MR>DAT>CDR
07-27-73 Watkins Glenn, NY         I,II   SBD   (1)   MR>DAT
09-11-73 W&M, Williamsburg, VA     I,II   SBD   (2)   MR>cass(1)>DAT>CDR
10-23-73 Metro, Bloomington, IN    ---    SBD   (1)   MR>DAT>CDR/(China->Rider,Truckin...Sat. Night)
10-30-73 Kiel Aud, St. Louis, MO   I,II   SBD   (2)   MR>cass>DAT>WAV/(with AUD patches)
11-21-73 Denver Colisem, CO        I,II   SBD   (2)   MR>DAT>CDR
05-12-74 Univ of Nevada, Revo, NV  IIp    AUD   (1)   (Half-Step...Sugar Mag)/(diginoise t01 1:44)
06-23-74 Jai Alai, Miami, FL       I,II   SBD   (2)   MR>DAT
06-30-74 Civic Ctr,Springfield, MA I,II   SBD   (2)   MR>DAT>CDR/(with AUD patches)
07-19-74 Selland Arena, Fresno, CA IIp    SBD   (1)   MR>DAT>CD-R
07-31-74 Dillon Stad,Hartford,CT I,II,III SBD   (2)   MR>DAT>CDR
03-23-75 Kezar Stadium, SF, CA     All    FM    (1)   FM>?>DAT>CDR/(dropout d1t02 4:36)
06-17-75 Winterland, SF, CA        All    AUD   (1)   Sony ECM-280>Sony TC-152>cass(m)>DAT>CDR/(d1t05 static 6:45,d2t05 dropout 4:56)
07-16-76 Orpheum Thtr, SF, CA      I,II   AUD   (2)   Sony ECM-180>Sony TC-152,cass(m)>RR>DAT>CDR
03-19-77 Winterland Arena, SF, CA  I,II   SBD   (2)   MR>DAT>Sonic Solutions>CDR
05-08-77 Barton Hall, Ithaca, NY   II     MTX   (1)   SBD(MR>PCM)+AUD(Sony ECM-990>Sony TC-152>MR>RR>WAV) 
05-08-77 Barton Hall, Ithaca, NY   I,II   SBD   (2)   MR>DAT>CD-R/AUD splices in Mingelwood and Lazy Lightning
05-15-77 St. Louis Arena, MO       I,II   SBD   (2)   MR>DAT
06-09-77 Winterland, SF, CA        I,II   SBD   (2)   SBD>MR>DAT>CDR/(with AUD patches)
10-02-77 Paramount, Portland, OR   I,II   SBD   (2)   MR>PCM>DAT
10-29-77 EvansFieldhouse,DeKalb,IL I,II   SBD   (2)   MR>DAT>CDR
11-02-77 Seneca College, Toronto   I,II   SBD   (2)   MR>Sonic Solutions>CDR
05-11-78 CCA, Springfield, MA      I,II   SBD   (2)   MR>cass>DAT>CDR>Sonic Solutions>CDR
07-08-78 Red Rocks, Morrison, Co   I,II   SBD   (2)
05-06-81 Nassau Col, Uniondale, NY I,II   AUD   (2)   Nakamichi 700>TC-D5M(FOB),Cass/m>DAT>CDR
04-08-85 Spectrum, Phila, PA       I,II   SBD   (2)   SBD>Cass(m)>DAT>CDR
10-09-89 Hampton Coliseum, VA      I,II   MTX   (2)   post mix:SBD>PCM>DAT>CDR+AUD>Schoeps CMC6/MK41>DAT>CDR
09-19-90 M.S.G., NY, NY            I,II   SBD   (2)   SBD>cass(m)>DAT>CDR/(with AUD patches)
06-17-91 Giants Stadium, NJ        I,II   SBD   (2)   SBD>DAT
02-23-93 Oakland Col, Oakland, CA  I,II   SBD   (2)   SBD>DAT>Sonic Solutions>CDR
12-16-94 Sports Arena, LA, CA      II     SBD   (1)   SBD>DAT>CDR

02-09-96 BWC, New Cumberland, PA   All    AUD   (1)   Realistic condenser cardiods(mod.)>D5(as pre)>Panasonic AG-1950(Hi-Fi VHS)

Guns N' Roses
12-05-92 Buenos Aires, Argentina   All    SBD   (2)   

Hackensaw Boys
03-03-07 Rex Thtr, Pittsburgh, PA  All    AUD   (1)   Sony ECM959>Sony MZN707R/(missing first few notes of first song)

02-13-04 Cervante's, Denver, CO    All    MTX   (2)   SBD+Neumann KM150

H.O.R.D.E. Jam (Morphine, Medeski, Claypool, Popper)
08-03-97 NWM Thtr, Tinley Park, IL All    AUD   (1)   Neumann KM140>Beyer MV-100>Sony SBM-1>DAT

Bruce Hornsby
08-29-95 North Tonawanda, NY       I,II   SBD   (3)
09-03-95 Kirby, Wilkes-Barre, PA   I,II   SBD   (2)   SBD>DAT
04-12-96 Fillmore, SF, CA          All    SBD   (2)   (light static from board d1t03,d1t04)
11-07-98 Yoshi's, Oakland, CA      All    SBD   (2)   (complete early & late shows)
11-06-04 Kimmel Ctr, Phila, PA     I,II   AUD   (2)   Schoeps MK4>'N-Box'>SBM-1>D8(FOB,row 1 left)

Hot Tuna
08-18-88 Pier 84, New York, NY     II     AUD   (1)   Nak CM701>Rbox>dbx NR>Sony TCD5(cass/m)>DAT>CDR

Iggy & the Stooges
11-09-03 Long Beach, CA            All    AUD   (1)   DPA 4060>Core-Sound switchable batt. box>SBM-1>D100

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
08-07-01 Patio, Indianapolis, IN   All    AUD   (1)   B&K 402>E.A.A. PSP-2>Apogee AD-1000>D8

Jazz Mandolin Project
02-08-98 Graffiti, Pittsburgh, PA  I,II   AUD   (1)   Sennheiser ME62>DA-P1(mics against stage)

Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band
10-28-87aLunt-Fontanne, NY, NY     All    SBD   (1)   

Jerry Garcia Band
03-19-78 Stanley Thtr, Pitt, PA    All    SBD   (2)   SBD>Cassette(2)>DAT>CDR>Audio Grabber>TC Native Spectralizer>TC Native Multiband Compressor>SoundForge>TC Native Loudness Maximizer>CDR
09-10-89 Great Woods,Mansfield,MA  I,II   SBD   (2)   SBD>Cass(m)>Cass(?)>DAT>WAV

12-09-99 Brownie's, Ardmore, PA    I,II   AUD   (2)   AKG C61>DA-P1(on stage)

11-29-74 Santa Cruz, CA            All    SBD   (1)   MR>CDR>SHN

Last Waltz Ensemble 
11-10-07 Thunderbird, Pgh, PA      I,II   AUD   (1)   Teac ME-80(cards)>DA-P1

Leftover Salmon
10-22-97 Graffiti, Pittsburgh, PA  I,II   SBD   (3)   SBD>DA-P1
03-30-98 Graffiti, Pittsburgh, PA  I,II   AUD   (2)   Neumann KM184>DA-P1
05-19-00 Allgood, Capon Bridge, WV All    SBD   (1)   SBD>DA-P1

Legion Of Mary
02-14-75 The Generosity, SF, CA    ---    AUD   (2)   unknown mics>Cass(m)>RR>CDR
04-12-75bMasonic Tmpl,Scranton, PA All    SBD   (1)   MR>RR>PCM>DAT 
04-19-75 Oriental Thtr, Mil, WI    All    SBD   (1)   MR>RR>PCM>DAT>ZA2WAV>SHN

Marc Ribot y Los Cubanos Postizos
06-24-99 Warsaw Jazz Fest, Poland  All    SBD   (1)   SBD>DAT>CD-R>EAC>SHN

Marijuana Jazz Band
12-24-99 4th St. Tavern, SF, CA    All    AUD   (2)   AKG C61(on stage)>DAT
12-26-99 4th St. Tavern, SF, CA    All    AUD   (2)   AKG 480/CK61(on stage)>DA-P1

Curtis Mayfield
xx-xx-xx Live/Studio Rarities&Interviews  SBD   (1)   various SBDs 1972-1974
06-30-88 Piazza Riforma, Lugano    All    SBD   (1)   
xx-xx-90 Trojan Horse, Netherlands All    SBD   (1)   

Meat Puppets
03-13-93 Hollywood Alley, Mesa, AZ All    SBD   (1)   SBD>DAT
08-26-07 Record Bar, KC, MO        All    SBD   (1)   SBD>M1
08-28-07 Mr. Small's, Millvale, PA All    AUD   (1)   Teac ME-80(cards)>AD-20>DA-P1

Medeski, Martin, & Wood
10-05-95 Gainesville, FL           I,II   SBD   (2)   SBD>DAT

Melvin Sparks Band
08-03-03 N.Beach Jazz Fest, SF, CA All    SBD   (1)   
10-26-06 Thunderbird, Pgh, PA      All    SBD   (1)   SBD>DA-P1

Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins
11-10-01 Lynagh's, Lexington KY    All    AUD   (2)   unknown mics>DAT/(diginoise d2t11 2:51)

03-16-85 Club Lingerie, LA, CA     All    AUD   (1)   AKG C33e>Marantz PMD-430>CDR>FLAC
08-17-85 Studio Z, Panorama, CA    ---    FM    (1)
11-15-95 Huntington Beach, CA      All    AUD   (1)   unknown mics(ceiling hung)>Nakamichi Dragon>?>SHN

09-23-95 Wetlands, NY, NY          I,II   SBD   (2)
10-26-95 Jack Straw's,Charlotte,NC I,II   SBD   (2) 
12-29-95 Docksider, Erie, PA       I,II   SBD   (2)   
01-31-96 Nick, Birmingham, AL      All    SBD   (1)   SBD>DAT
02-08-96 Water St, Rochester, NY   All    SBD   (2)   SBD>DAT
02-16-96aJC Dobbs, Phila, PA       All    AUD   (1)   Schoeps CMC6/MK41>DAT>FLAC
02-16-96bJC Dobbs, Philly, PA      All    AUD   (2)   Schoeps CMC6/MK41>DAT/(Flo cut on master DAT)
03-11-96 Bear's, Greely, Co        All    SBD   (1)   
03-29-96 Middle East, Phila, PA    All    MTX   (2)   SBD+Schoeps CMC6/MK41>Mackie 1202>DA-P1>FLAC
03-30-96 Styleen's, Syracuse, NY   All    MTX   (1)   Schoeps CMC6/MK41+SBD>Mackie>DA-P1 
04-21-96 ADE, New Brunswick, NJ    I,II   AUD   (3)   AKG C1000>Realistic Mixer>DTR80P
05-03-96 Globe Thtr, Norwalk, CT   All    SBD   (2)   (dropout D3T01,10:49)
09-27-96 Ognet St, Buffalo, NY     All    SBD   (1)   SBD>DAT>FLAC
11-01-96 Sea Sea's, Moosic, PA     I,II   AUD   (2)   Schoeps CMC6/MK4>Oade>SVMD
11-02-96 Slippery Rock, PA         All    SBD   (2)   SBD>DAT
11-09-96 Ripley's, Cincinnati, OH  All    SBD   (1)   
01-21-97 Wetlands, NY, NY          I,II   MTX   (2)   AKG 414+SBD+B&K 4021+Schoeps MK4>Sonosax SX-M2>Apogee AD-1000>HHb PDR-1000
02-28-97 Troubador, LA, CA         I,II   MTX   (2)   AKG 414+SBD
03-01-97 GAMH, San Fran, CA        I,II   MTX   (2)   AKG 414+SBD    
03-28-97 Water St, Rochester, NY   I,II   AUD   (2)   CMC6/MK4V>Oade>DA-P1(hanging from balcony)
04-25-97 Lyons Hall, Boston, MA    All    SBD   (2)
08-31-97 High Sierra,BearValley,CA All    SBD   (1)
09-04-97 Stonecoast, Portland, ME  I,II   SBD   (2)   SBD>Oade Brothers modified DA-P1>Tascam CDRW-700>CDR>EAC>CD Wave>FLAC Frontend
10-30-97 Bohagor's, Baltimore, MD  I,II   AUD   (2)   Neumann U87>Sonosax>DA-P1
11-28-97 E.Factory, Phila, PA      I,II   MTX   (2)   AKG 414+SBD>SBM-1>DAT
12-29-97 GAMH, San Fran, CA        I,II   MTX   (2)   
12-31-97 GAMH, San Fran, CA      I,II,III SBD   (2)
05-24-98 Montain Aire, CA          All    AUD   (1)   Octivas>SBM-1>DA-P1/dropout in Plane Crash
06-14-98 Harvey's Lake Amp, PA     All    SBD   (1)   SBD>DAT
06-14-98 Harvey's Lake Amp, PA     All    AUD   (1)   Neumann KM184>Oade M148>DA-P1
07-18-98 Carbondale, IL            I,II   SBD   (2)
10-24-98 Variety, Atlanta, GA      I,II   MTX   (3)   AKG 414+SBD
04-21-99 Graffiti, Pittsburgh, PA  I,II   AUD   (2)   Neumann KM184>SBM-1>DA-P1
04-24-99 Sayre Field,Bethlehem, PA All    AUD   (1)   Schoeps CMC6/MK2S>Apogee AD-1000>DA-P1
01-27-00 Odeon, Cleveland, OH      I,II   AUD   (2)   Schoeps CMC6/MK41>Lunatec V2>GP ADC-20(FOB Left)
01-28-00 Newport, Columus, OH      I,II   AUD   (2)   Schoeps CMC6/MK4>Sonosax SX-M2>Apogee AD-1000(15'FOB)
02-02-00 Granada Thtr,Lawrence,KS  I,II   AUD   (2)   AKG 480/CK61>DA-P1 
02-10-00 Janus Landing,St Pete,FL  I,II   AUD   (2)   Audio Technica 4041>GP DMIC-20>DA-P1
04-10-00 Wetlands, NY, NY        I,II,III AUD   (2)   Neumann U89i>AD-1000(cardioid,FOB,DFC,Wetlands permastand)
04-28-00 FredFest, Fredonia, NY    All    AUD   (1)   AKG C1000>Deneke PS2>Sony SMB-1>D7
05-06-00 Music Midtown, Atlanta,GA ---    MTX   (1)   AKG 414+SBD/(missing BIBH opener)
08-12-00 Great Barrington, MA      All    AUD   (1)   Neumann TLM 170>Sonosax SX-M2>Apogee AD-1000(subcard,@ 90 degrees NOS)
10-05-00 Gothic, Englewood, CO     I,II   AUD   (2)   B&K 4021>Apogee AD-1000>PCM-1
10-06-00 Boulder Thtr, Boulder, CO I,II   AUD   (2)   AKG C1000S>SBM-1>M1   
10-07-00 Boulder Thtr, Boulder, CO I,II   AUD   (3)   B&K 4021>Apogee AD-1000>PCM-1(split 18',center)
10-31-00 Tower, Upper Darby, PA    I,II   AUD   (2)   Schoeps CMC6/MK4V>Apogee AD-1000(FOB Left)
11-25-00 Roseland, NY, NY          I,II   AUD   (2)   Earthworks SR77>Oade M148>DA-P1
12-05-00 Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH  I,II   AUD   (2)   Schoeps CMC6/MK4>Sonosax SX-M2>HHb PDR1000>D7
04-25-01 Palace, Greensburg, PA    I,II   AUD   (2)   AKG 481>DMIC-20>D8/(** The recorder was turned off at two points in Captain America -- at 00:09 and at 2:19. I crossfaded 1/2 sec on the two sides of these gaps. They now sound like a skip rather than a long dropout. **THIS IS THE ONLY SOURCE AVAILABLE OF THIS RARE SHOW**)  
05-06-01 Jazz Fest,New Orleans, LA All    AUD   (1)   Neumann AK50>LC3KA>KM100>AD1000(FOB,DFC)
05-26-01 On Air East,Tokyo, Japan  I,II   AUD   (3)   Neumann TLM 170>Lunatec V2>SBM-1>D8(FOB,DFC)
06-21-01 Lafayette Sq, Buffalo, NY I,II   AUD   (1)   DPA 4060>Lunatec V2>DA-P1(FOB,12'Split)
06-22-01 Nautica, Cleveland, OH    All    AUD   (2)   Schoeps CCM4>Beyer MV-100>DA-P1
06-23-01 3 Sisters,Chillicothe,IL  I,II   AUD   (3)   Schoeps CMC6/MK4V>Lunatec V2>Sonic AD2K+(FOB,LoC)
06-24-01 3 Sisters,Chillicothe,IL  I,II   AUD   (X)   *both shows on 3 discs*
06-27-01 Pageant, St. Louis, MO    I,II   AUD   (2)   Neumann KM140>Sonic Devices MP-2>Apogee AD-1000(FOB,35'Split)
07-07-01 High Sierra, Quincy, CA   All    AUD   (2)   Schoeps CMC4/MK4>Oade custom>AT8202>Zefiro Inbox>DA-P1
07-08-01 High Sierra, Quincy, CA   All    AUD   (1)   Neumann AK40>LC-3>KM100>V2>AD2K+>D8
07-12-01aSummer Stage, NY, NY      I,II   AUD   (2)   Neumann TLM170(cardioid)>Lunatec V2>Apogee AD-1000>PCM-M1(FOB,DFC)
07-12-01bMakor, NY, NY             All    AUD   (1)   Neumann TLM170>Apogee AD-1000(subcardioid,split at stacks)
07-21-01 Masquerade, Atlanta, GA   I,II   AUD   (2)   Eathworks SR77>Lunatec V2>DA-P1(FOB,DFC)
07-23-01 Lion's Den, NY, NY        I,II   AUD   (3)   B&K 4021>Apogee AD-1000>PCM-M1(FOB,DFC)
08-31-01 Snowridge, Turin, NY      All    AUD   (2)   Schoeps CMC6/MK4V>Apogee AD-1000(Split 30',@FOH)
09-01-01 Snowridge, Turin, NY      I,II   AUD   (2)   Schoeps CMC6/MK2S>Apogee AD-1000>HHB PDR1000(FOB,30'split) 
09-02-01 Snowridge, Turin, NY      I,II   AUD   (2)   Schoeps CMC6/MK2S>Apogee AD-1000>HHB PDR1000(FOB,30'split) 
09-21-01 MI Thtr,Ann Arbor, MI     I,II   AUD   (3)   Neumann AK40>LC3KA>KM100>AD1000>D8(FOB 14th Row DFC,mics on 6'6" stand @ 90º)
09-22-01 Aragon, Chicago, IL       I,II   AUD   (2)   Schoeps MK4V>KC5>CMC6>LunatecV2>AD2K+>DAP1(FOB/DFC/ORTF 20' from stage)
09-23-01 Orpheum, Madison, WI      I,II   AUD   (2)   Schoeps MK4V>KC5>CMC6>AD1000>D8(FOB/DFC/ORTF row 10, seat M29 30' from stage)
10-07-01 JAF, Los Angeles, CA      I,II   AUD   (2)   Neumann KM140>Apogee AD-1000>DAT(FOB,8th row,DFC)
10-31-01 Shea's, Buffalo, NY       I,II   AUD   (2)   Schoeps CMC6/MK4V>Apogee AD-1000(50' split clamped to front of balcony) 
11-01-01 Guvernment, Toronto       I,II   AUD   (2)   AKG C4000>Samson Mixpad4>DA-P1(hyper-card, right in front of board just LoC)
11-30-01 Siena, Loudonville, NY    I,II   AUD   (2)   Schoeps CMC6/MK4>Apogee AD-1000(FOB,DFC)
12-31-01 Asbury Park, NJ         I,II,III AUD   (3)   Schoeps CMC6/MK4V>Apogee AD-1000>VX Pocket>Sony Vaio Picturebook
02-28-02 Music Farm,Charleston, SC I,II   AUD   (3)   Schoeps CCM4>Oade m148>mod-SBM-1>D8(I)/AKG 483>Denecke PS-2>mod-SBM-1>DA-P1(II)
04-24-02 Harro East, Rochester, NY I,II   AUD   (2)   AKG C4000(hyper-card)>Samson Mixpad 4>DA-P1
04-26-02 Palace Thtr, New Haven,CT I,II   AUD   (2)   Neumann KM140>EAA PSP-2>DA-P 
05-01-02 Cajun Queen, NO, LA       I,II   AUD   (2)   B&K 4021>Lunatec V2>DA-P1
07-01-02 Summerfest, Milwauke, WI  All    SBD   (1)   SBD>SBM-1>D8
10-02-02 BB King's, NY, NY         All    AUD   (2)   B&K 4021>Apogee AD-1000>Digigram VX Pocket>Sony Vaio PCG-C1VS/BW
10-31-02 RPI Field House, Troy, NY I,II   AUD   (2)   Schoeps CMC6/MK4V>Lunatec V2>AD2K>D7
12-20-02 Orange Peel,Asheville, NC All    AUD   (1)   Neumann TLM170>Apogee AD-1000>Teac DA-P20
12-21-02 Civic Center,Asheville NC All    AUD   (1)   Neumann TLM170>Apogee AD-1000>Teac DA-P20
12-27-02 Tower, Upper Darby, PA    I,II   AUD   (2)   Neumann TLM 170>Apogee AD-1000>Teac DA-20
12-28-02 Tower, Upper Darby, PA    I,II   AUD   (2)   Microtech Gefell M200>EAA PSP-2>Sony SBM-1>D8
02-22-03 Fillmore, SF, CA          I,II   AUD   (2)   B&K 4011>Lunatec V2>Sonic AD2K+>DA-P1
03-22-03 N.Lights, Clifton Park,NY I,II   AUD   (2)   B&K 4021>Apogee AD-1000>Digigram VX Pocket>Sony Vaio PCG-C1VS
04-04-03 Newport, Columbus, OH     I,II   AUD   (2)   Microtech Gefell M300>wmod UA5>USB to Dell laptop
04-13-03 Area51, Indian Springs,NV I,II   AUD   (2)   Schopes CMC4/MK4>Oade custom>Apogee Mini-me>DA-P1 
05-04-03 Visulite, Charlotte, NC   I,II   AUD   (2)   AKG 483>Sonosax SX-M2>SBM-1>D8(FOB)
05-06-03 Bridge St, Syracuse, NY   I,II   AUD   (2)   Microtech Gefell M210>Lunatec V3>PCM-M1
06-15-03 Bonaroo, Manchester, TN   All    AUD   (1)   Schoeps CMC6/MK4>Lunatec V3>DA-P1(fob/dfc/ortf)
07-31-03 Monument Sq, Portland, ME All    AUD   (2)   Microtech Gefell M210>Lunatec V3>PCM-M1
08-29-03 Snow Ridge, Turin, NY     All    AUD   (1)   Neumann TLM170>Apogee AD-1000>Digigram VX Pocket/Sony Vaio PCG-162N(cards,7'stand,20'FOB,center) 
08-30-03aSnow Ridge, Turin, NY     All    AUD   (1)   Neumann TLM170>Apogee AD-1000>Digigram VX Pocket/Sony Vaio PCG-162N(cards,7'stand,20'FOB,center) 
08-30-03bSnow Ridge, Turin, NY     I,II   AUD   (2)   Neumann TLM170>Apogee Mini-Me>Sony Vaio C1MW(5'FOB,LoC,ORTF,Hypercard,100 Hz rolloff,stand @ 11',windscreens) 
08-31-03 Snow Ridge, Turin, NY     I,II   AUD   (2)   Neumann TLM170>Apogee Mini-Me>Sony Vaio C1MW(5'FOB,LoC,ORTF,Hypercard,100 Hz rolloff,stand @ 11',windscreens) 
02-13-05 Scranton Cultural Ctr, PA I,II   AUD   (2)   AKG 480/CK63>Edirol UA5(Oade w-mod.)>D8
06-23-07aWarhol Thtr, Pgh, PA      All    AUD   (1)   Audio Technica ES943(4.7k)/U853o>Church Audio 9100>iRiver H120r

09-01-02 Salmonfest,Lesterville,MO All    SBD   (1)   pre-FM SBD>DAT
02-27-04 Mr. Small's, Millvale, PA All    AUD   (1)   Oktava MC012(Dorsey mod.)>UA-5(digmod.)>JB3
03-07-04 Safety Harbor, Fl         All    SBD   (1)   SBD>Sony GTR

Moon Boot Lover
03-18-98 Next Decade, Pgh, PA      All    AUD   (1)   Neumann KM184>DA-P1
11-13-04 Paradise, Boston, MA      All    AUD   (1)   Oktava MC012>Audio Magic Hyper-Conductors>Edirol UA-5(Oade T-mod plus)>Nomad JB3
12-31-04 Revolution Hall, Troy, NY All    AUD   (1)   Neumann SKM184>PSP-3>Apogee MiniMe>JB3
08-20-05 Jahfest 15, Ravena, NY    All    AUD   (1)   Neumann U89i>Lunatec V2>Apogee Minime>Dell Inspiron 5160(subcard)
09-10-05 Brewery, Utica, NY        All    AUD   (1)   Microtech Gefell M200>UA-5(Oade warm mod.)>JB3
02-03-06 River St, Plains, PA      I,II   SBD   (2)   SBD>Edirol UA-5>VX Pocket V2>Sony Vaio
06-23-06 River St, Plains, PA      I,II   SBD   (2)   SBD>Edirol UA-5>VX Pocket V2>Sony Vaio
04-14-07 Red Square, Albany, NY    All    AUD   (1)   Neumann U89i(cards)>Lunatec V2>MiniMe>HD-P2

06-22-95 WFNX, Boston, MA          All    FM    (1)   FM>DAT
08-18-96 Middle East,Cambridge, MA All    AUD   (1)   Sonic Studios DSM-5L>DA-P1
11-05-98 Hammerstein, NY, NY       All    AUD   (1)   unknown
06-06-99 Cambridge, MA             All    AUD   (1)   Core Sound Binaurals>MZ-R30>CDR

03-14-03 El Mocambo, Toronto       All    MTX   (1)   AKG C-414B-ULS(card,-20dB pad on,onstage split 6')>Snake+Sbd>Samson Mixpad 4>Apogee mini me>DA-P1
08-29-03 Snow Ridge, Turin, NY   I,II,III AUD   (2)   DPA 4061>DPA MPS6010 batt box>Samson Mixpad 4>DA-P20(on-stage,4'split)

North Mississippi All Stars
09-03-05 Snow Ridge, Turin, NY     All    AUD   (1)   AKG SE300B/CK92>Oade w-mod UA-5>USB>SoundForge 6.0>Viao VGN S-270(fob,split 28')

Ominous Seapods 
09-27-96 Ogden St, Buffalo, NY     All    SBD   (1)
08-20-97 Bogie's, Albany, NY       I,II   MTX   (2)   SBD+unknow mics>DAT
02-08-03 Waterhole, Saranac, NY    I,II   MTX   (4)   SBD+Neumann AK40>Lunatec V2

The Other Ones
06-30-98 Nassau Col, Uniondale, NY All    SBD   (2)
07-08-98 Montage, Scranton, PA     All    AUD   (2)   AKG 483>Oade Pre>DA-P1
11-29-02 Mellon Arena, Pgh, PA     I,II   AUD   (2)   Schoeps MK4>VMS5U>DAT

05-04-00 Saenger Thtr, NO, LA      All    SBD   (1)   SBD>DAT

Jaco Pastorius
06-27-82 Avery Fisher Hall, NY, NY All    FM    (1)   

Peter Prince & The Trama Unit
07-26-03 Harpers Ferry, Alston, MA I,II   MTX   (1)   SBD+Oktava MC012(Hypers DIN)>Deneke PS2> Edirol UA-5(Oade digi-mod)>Nomad JB3
10-24-03 Forward Hall, Erie, PA    All    AUD   (2)   ADK SC-T>Edirol UA-5>JB3(FOB)  

Phil Lesh & Friends
04-15-99 Warfield, San Fran, CA    I,II   SBD   (2)   SBD(24 track)>DAT
04-16-99 Warfield, San Fran, CA    I,II   SBD   (2)   SBD(24 track)>DAT
04-17-99 Warfield, San Fran, CA    I,II   SBD   (2)   SBD(24 track)>DAT

08-14-96 Hershey Stadium, PA       I,II   AUD   (2)   Schoeps CMC6/MK4>Sonosax>DAT
08-16-96 Clifford Ball           I,II,III SBD   (3)
12-09-97 Bryce Jordan, PSU         I,II   AUD   (2)   Schoeps CMC6/MK41>Apogee AD-1000>DA-P1

Pink Floyd
11-16-74 Wembley Pool, London      ---    MTX   (1)   post mix:pre-FM SBD>MR>D+AUD>?>D
07-02-05 Hyde Park, London         All    FM    (1)   (BBC Radio 2)

11-xx-90 Rome, Italy               ---    SBD   (1)   ("Too Many Puppies")
06-26-93 Fiddlers Green,Denver, CO All    SBD   (1)   ("You Can't Start This Party without Me")
07-11-97 Shoreline, Mtn View, CA   All    AUD   (1)   KG568's>DAT>CDR>EAC>Flac
07-23-05 Lollapalooza, Chicago, IL All    AUD   (1)   MBHO 603A/KA 200N>Beyerdynamic MV100>PCM-M1

06-20-01 Wetlands, NY, NY          I,II   AUD   (2)   B&K 4021>Apogee AD-1000>PCM-1(FOB,center pole)

05-11-85 Noyogi Stadium, Tokyo     All    SBD   (2)   

09-13-02 Skin Pool Lounge, LV, NV  I,II   SBD   (2)   SBD>DAT>CDR

07-08-79 Keystone, Palo Alto, CA   All    SBD   (1)   MR>PCM>DAT>CDR
07-22-79 Civic Aud,Santa Monica,CA ---    SBD   (1)

Reid Genauer & the Assembly of Dust
10-17-02 Pearl St, Northampton, MA I,II   AUD   (2)   Schoeps CCM4>Apogee Mini-Me>M1(FOB,center,ORTF)

Rob & Al
11-14-01 New Brunswick, NJ         All    AUD   (1)   B&K 4021>Apogee AD-1000>PCM-M1
11-15-01 Valentine's, Albany, NY   All    SBD   (2)   SBD>DA-P1

Robert Walter's 20th Congress
07-04-03 High Sierra, Quincy, CA   All    AUD   (1)   Neumann KM140>Lunatec V3>Apogee A/D-1000>D8(onstage)

Kurt Rosenwinkel 
07-05-04 Montreux Jazz Festival    All    AUD   (1)   unknown
07-24-04 Pori Jazz Festival        ---    FM    (1)   
04-24-05 Bimhuis, Amsterdam        All    AUD   (1)   Sony ECM 719>Sony MZ-N710/(fades between tracks) 

03-23-07 Thunderbird, Pgh, PA    I,II,III AUD   (2)   Teac ME-80(cards)>AD-20>DA-P1

03-22-71 The Forum, LA, CA         ---    SBD   (1)   

Scofield, Medeski, Stubblefield, & Wood
09-26-98 Wilmer's, Brandywine, MD  All    AUD   (1)   AKG 480>DA-P1

Martin Sexton
07-19-97 Central Park, NY, NY      ---    SBD   (1)
03-07-98 Eddie's Attic,Decatur, GA All    SBD   (1)   SBD>DAT

The Slip
03-07-98 Connan Room,CMU, Pgh, PA  I,II   AUD   (1)   Neumann KM184>DA-P1

Slipping Daylights
07-04-99 Bear Valley, CA           All    MTX   (1)   pre-FM SBD+Schoeps MK4

Skerik, Mike Dillon, Marco Benevento
07-14-06 Allgood, Masontown, WV    All    AUD   (1)   MBHO603a/ka200n>Beyerdynamic MV100>Sony PCM-M1

Steve Kimock Band 
11-04-01 Abbey Pub, Chicago, IL    I,II   AUD   (2)   Rode NT2>MP2(onstage,dfc @ stage lip)+AKG414(cardiod,as drum-overs)>Mixer>AD-1000>D8
10-31-02 Chesters,Fayettesville,AR I,II   MTX   (2)   SBD+Schoeps CMC6/MK4(onstage,ORTF)>Apogee Mini-Me>Sharp MV10 laptop 

Swamp Donkey 
07-28-03 Ale House, Portland, ME   All    AUD   (2)   Neumann KM150>Apogee Mini-Me>Apple iBook

Swivel Hips Smith
07-05-03 Docksider, Erie, PA       I,II   AUD   (2)   ADK SC-T>Edirol UA-5>JB3(FOB)  

Talking Heads
08-08-79 Berkelee, Boston MA       All    SBD   (1)

Trey Anastasio Band
05-25-02 Mtn Aire, Angels Camp, CA All    AUD   (1)   Schoeps MK4>VMS>Apogee AD-1000(FOB)

02-25-03 Stella Blue, Ashville, NC I,II   SBD   (2)   SBD>D8
06-28-03 Peasants, Greenville, NC  I,II   AUD   (1)   AKG 461>UA-5>JB3

Vinyl (with Phil Lesh)
02-26-00 Phoenix Tht, Petaluma, CA II     SBD   (1)

Violent Femmes
05-15-84 Stache & Bros,Columbus,OH All    MTX	(1)   SBD+Nakamichi 300>D5
07-03-84 Metro, Chicago, IL        All    FM    (1)   cass(m)>CDR
10-12-84 Berlin, Germany           ---    AUD   (1)   out of print release "Film Noir"
04-17-04 Promo West, Columbus, OH  All    AUD   (2)   Sony ECM719>Sony NF610 MD
09-04-05 Snow Ridge, Turin, NY     All    AUD   (1)   Neumann U89i>Lunatec V2>Apogee MiniMe>JB3

Roger Waters
06-06-00 Amsouth, Nashville, TN    All    AUD   (2)   unknown

Mike Watt
02-06-98 Jillian's, Long Beach, CA All    MTX   (1)   Super Seven Stereo Soundboard Recording
10-23-98 Alvins, Detroit MI        All    SBD   (1)   SBD>DA-20
10-06-01 The Shelter, Detroit MI   All    MTX   (1)   SBD+Shure SM57(bass)+Shure SM57(guitar)+Sony 959(drums)
05-22-03 Gabe's, Iowa City, IA     All    MTX   (1)   SBD+MBHO 603a/KA200>Lunatec V2>Behringer Eurorack MX1604A>mod.SBM-1>M1

xx-xx-xx "Rotten Cheese"           All    SBD   (4)   Chocolate & Chees Tour sampler 1994-1995
xx-xx-xx "White Pepper" Demo       ---    SBD   (1)   
02-02-90 City Gardens, Trenton, NJ All    SBD   (1)   SBD>DAT>CDR
xx-xx-92 "On the Road"             ---    SBD   (1)   1992 Tour compilation/SBD>DAT>cass>CDR>SHN
10-29-92 Wetlands, NY, NY          All    SBD   (1)   SBD>??>SHN
11-27-97 Palais Extra, Zurich      All    FM    (2)   FM>DAT>cass>CDR
08-27-01 Palookaville,SantaCruz,CA All    AUD   (2)   Neuman KM140>Lunatec V2>SBM-1
02-07-02 Conduit, Trenton, NJ      I,II   AUD   (2)   Schoeps MK4V>SXM2>SBM-1(mod)>D100
12-09-02 North Six, Brooklyn, NY   All    AUD   (1)   Schoeps MK41>VMS>SBM-1>DA-P1 
07-25-03 Club Laga, Pittsburgh, PA All    AUD   (2)   Schoeps MK41>VMS>SBM-1>D8
11-01-03 Roseland Ballroom, NY, NY All    AUD   (2)   Schoeps CMC6/MK4V>Lunatec V2>AD2K+>VX Pocket>Toshiba 3490ct>Vegas 3.0
07-16-05 Canal Park, New Hope, PA  All    AUD   (1)   Schoeps MK4V>VMS02IB>Edirol R4

06-15-01 Seinajoki, Finland        All    FM    (1)   FM broadcast(cable)>Sharp MD-SR70H>WAV>SHN

Widespread Panic
10-21-93 Libery Hall, Lawrence, KS I,II   SBD   (2)   SBD>DAT/(missing encore)
11-02-93 EMU, Eugene, OR           All    SBD   (1)   SBD>DAT
11-23-93 The Dock, Jackson, MS     I,II   SBD   (3)   SBD>DAT
04-19-97 Palace Thtr,New Haven, CT I,II   SBD   (2)   
04-20-97 Capitol Ballroom, Wash,DC All    SBD   (2)   SBD>DAT
07-15-98 Harvey's Lake Amph, PA    All    AUD   (2)   AKG 483>Oade M248>SBM-1>DAT
08-03-05 Station Square, Pgh, PA   I,II   AUD   (2)   AKG 481>Oade m248>Oade mod-SBM-1>Nomad JB3

Willie Waldman Project
01-21-05 DV8, Salt Lake City, UT   I,II   AUD   (2)   Neumann KM140>Lunatec V2>AM Excalibur IIs>Apogee Minime>PowerbookG4

The Wood Brothers
08-03-07 South Park Amp, PA        All    AUD   (1)   Teac ME-80(cards)>AD-20>DA-P1

12-16-95 Docksider, Erie, PA       I,II   SBD   (2)   cass(m)>CDR
04-05-02 Lion's Den, NY, NY        I,IIp  SBD   (1)

Neil Young
08-20-97 Montage, Scranton, PA     All    AUD   (1)   unknown

Frank Zappa
xx-xx-xx "Apocrypha"               ---    ---   (3)   ("30 Years of Frank Zappa")
xx-xx-67 "We're Only In It For The Money" ---   (1)   (Acetate with alt. tracks & mixes)
09-30-67 Konserthuset, Stockholm   All    FM    (1)   
04-10-68 GrandeBallroom,Detroit,MI All    SBD   (1)   
05-03-68 Family Dog, Denver, CO    ---    SBD   (1)   
10-20-68 Concertgebouw, Amsterdam  I,II   AUD   (1)   Sennheiser mics>Fostex RR>cass(?)>DAT>CDR(on stage)/(d2t02 spliced with inferior AUD)
10-26-68 Olympia, Paris, France    I,II   SBD   (1)   I:SBD,II:TV broadcast
11-08-68 CSC, Fullerton, CA        ---    SBD   (1)   liberated bootleg "Pigs & Repugnant"
02-23-69aRockpile, Toronto         All    SBD   (1)   
05-23-69 Lawrence U, Appleton, WI  All    SBD   (1)   
05-23-69 Lawrence U, Appleton, WI  ---    SBD   (1)   liberated bootleg "Pigs & Repugnant"
06-27-69 Mile High, Denver, CO     All    AUD   (1)   unknown mics
03-07-70 Olympic Auditorium,LA,CA  All    AUD   (1)   unknown 
03-07-70 Olympic Auditorium,LA,CA  ---    AUD   (1)   liberated bootleg "For Sharleena"/(missing Willie the Pimp)
06-15-70 Piknik, Uddel,Netherlands All    FM    (1)   
11-14-70aFillmore Eat, NY, NY      ---    SBD   (1)   MR>RR>Alesis Masterlink>CDR>FLAC
11-14-70aFillmore Eat, NY, NY      ---    SBD   (1)   MR>RR>Alesis Masterlink>CDR>FLAC
12-15-70 Palais Gaumont, Paris     ---    SBD   (1)   liberated bootleg "Paralipomeni Della Batracomiomachia"
xx-xx-71 "Just Another Band From LA"      SBD   (1)   unreleased 2nd LP
03-11-73 TX Hall Aud,Arlington, TX All    AUD   (1)   Sony ECM 19B>Realistic SCT-7>cass(m)>EQ>HD>DAT>CDR
03-11-73 TX Hall Aud,Arlington, TX All    AUD   (1)   unknown mics>cass(1)>CDR
05-xx-73 unknown venue             ---    SBD   (1)   SBD>???>cass>WAV
08-30-73 Palasport, Bologna, Italy All    AUD   (1)   unknown 
10-26-73 Armadillo, Austin, TX     All    SBD   (1)   SBD>???>cass>CDR
08-xx-74 KCET Studio, LA, CA       All    SBD   (1)   
08-xx-74 KCET Studio, LA, CA       ---    SBD   (1)   LP>?>CDR/("Indiscreet Picture Show")
09-20-74 KB Hallen, Copenhagen     ---    SBD   (1)   cass(m)>DAT>CDR
10-01-74aMustermesse, Bale         All    SBD   (1)   cass(m)>DAT>CDR  
10-29-74 Harrisburg, PA            ---    SBD   (1)   
11-06-74 Syria Mosque, Pgh, PA     ---    SBD   (1)   Cass(m)>Tascam DA40>Tascam CDRW5000/(I'm Not Satisfied cut) 
11-06-74 Syria Mosque, Pgh, PA     All    SBD   (1)   Cass(1)>Technics M33>Tascam CDRW-700
11-17-74 Spectrum, Phila, PA       All    SBD   (2)   cass(m)>DAT>CDR
05-23-75 County Col, El Paso, TX   All    SBD   (1)   MR>cass>DAT/(d2t07 cut)
10-14-75 Soldiers & Sailors,KC, KS ---    AUD   (1)   unknown/(missing first 2.5 songs,dropout d1t06 0:05) 
11-19-76 Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI    All    AUD   (1)   Teac vocal mic(unknown model #)>Sony 153>cass(1)>DAT>CDR>EAC>Flac
10-31-77 Palladium, NY, NY         Mix    FM    (1)   (King Biscuit Flower Hour broadcast)
02-15-78 Deutschlandhalle, Berlin  All    SBD   (2)
10-31-78 Palladium, NY, NY         All    AUD   (2)   unknown/(patched with dif. AUD source)
02-24-79 Nouvel Hippodrome, Paris  ---    SBD   (1)   
03-19-79 Parc du Penfield, Brest   All    SBD   (1)   cass(?)>Nakamichi CR-7A>WAV>FLAC
xx-xx-80 "Crush All Boxes"         All    ---   (1)   (unreleased 1980 album)
05-24-80 Ahoy, Rotterdam           All    SBD   (1)   pre-FM SBD
06-21-80 Patinoire Vernets, Geneva All    SBD   (2)   MR>RR>DAT>CDR>FLAC
07-02-80 Olympihalle, Munich       ---    FM    (1)   liberated bootleg "Erdbeben in München"/(on same CD as 07-03-80)
07-03-80 Festhalle, Frankfurt      ---    FM    (1)   (see note above)
10-31-80 Palladium, NY, NY         Mix    SBD   (1)   cass(1)>?>CDR
11-25-81 Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI    All    AUD   (2)   Sony portable (model unknown) with built in mics (stereo),cass(m)>WAV
07-21-84 Palace Thtr, LA, CA       All    SBD   (1)   (last song cuts)
09-01-84 SPAC, Saratoga, NY        All    SBD   (2)   
02-10-88 Warner Thtr, Wash, DC     I,II   AUD   (1)   Nakamichi CM300>D6,cass(m)>DAT>FLAC/(dropout d2t09 0.36)
02-16-88 Bushnell Aud,Hartford,CT  I,II   AUD   (2)   unknown mics>cass(1)>CDR>EAC>SHN
02-20-88 Orpheum, Boston, MA       I,II   AUD   (2)   Sennheiser K3U/ME80>cass(m)>.shn>CD-R
03-03-88 Aud Thtr, Chicago, IL     I,II   AUD   (2)   AKG 460/CK61>D5,cass(1)>DAT>FLAC
03-17-88 Binghamton, NY            I,II   AUD   (2)   unknown
04-18-88 Wembley, London, England  I,II   AUD   (2)   unknown 
05-04-88 Ahoy, Rotterdam           I,II   AUD   (3)   Sony condenser mic>Sony TCS-430>cass(m)>WAV>FLAC
05-29-88 Eishalle Liebenau, Graz   All    AUD   (2)   unknown 

07-16-88 Golden Gate Park, SF, CA  All    AUD   (1)   Sennheiser 441>D5M>cass/m>DAT>CD-R 
05-05-92 Chestnut Cabaret,Phila,PA All    AUD   (2)   unknown mics>DAT