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The Final Resting Places of 23rd PA Soldiers
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The grave of Private James A Davenport, Company G, 23rd Pennsylvania, Birney's Zouaves. He died on August 1st 1862. He is Buried at Woodlands Cemetery in Philadelphia, Section F, Lot 51, Grave 1.
Grave of Captain Jesse Simcox Company B, 23rd Pennsylvania. He was mustered in at The Skykull Arsenal on August 24th 1861, He was promoted from 1st Lt. to Captain after Captain Hildebrand Resigned on August 31st 1862. He was absent for the muster out. He died on January 5th 1904. He is Buried at Blackwood Baptist Church Cemetery in Blackwood ,NJ back near the fence.
Grave of Sgt Phillip Stengel, 23rd Pennsylvania Volunteers during The American Civil War. He was mustered into service on August 8th 1861 and put into company A. Later as a corporal he was wounded at The Battle of Gettysburg on July 3rd 1863, as the unit was placed near General Meade's Headquarters. On November 22nd 1863 he was promoted to Sgt, a rank which he held until he was mustered out on September 8th 1864. He died on August 17th 1919 and was buried at Rockledge Cemetery in Oaklane Section, Lot 388, Grave 1.
The Grave of Pvt. Thomas Mc Coughel was a member of The Twenty Third Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry "Company C" . He was mustered into Service on September 1st 1861 and died on June 9th 1 862. His Grave can be found at Cypress Hills Cemetery in Brooklyn NY. He is buried in Section 1 grave 72.
Grave of Pvt John F Gormly , 23rd Pennsylvania Volunteers. He is buried at New Cathedral Cemetery in Philadelphia .
Grave of Private John Shillady Company E , 23rd Pennsylvania Volunteers, also known by their nickname, “Birney’s Zouaves”. He was born in County Down, Ireland in 1814. He lied on his enlistment papers to be younger, saying he was born in 1821 - probably to be accepted because his family was very poor and could use the enlistment bonus. He arrived in the US in 1849 during the potato famine He married Margaret Morrow and resided in Philadelphia at the outbreak of the Civil War. He enlisted into the 23rd Pennsylvania at the Schuylkill Arsenal in Philadelphia on January 10th 1863. His first action was at 2nd Fredericksburg on May 3rd 1863 and then at Gettysburg on July 1,2,3 rd 1863. John Shillady was mortally Wounded at The Battle of Cold Harbor Virginia on June 1st 1864, near Richmond. He died 18 days later on June 19th 1864. He was buried by Friends at Mt. Moriah Cemetery in Philadelphia in section 39, Lot 49, Grave 1.

  • John Shillady Letter 4/11/1864 .

    You can view a Photo of John Shillady on Page 34 of the 23rd Pennsylvania, Original Photos pages.

    Information for this bio provided by Jerry and Diane Zeisler, Decendants of John Shillady.

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