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Obituary Records Page 9

Obituary Records of the 23rd PA
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The Obituary of Pvt. Andrew Jackson Keim Company D, 23rd Pennsylvania volunteers.. This obituary is from the Philadelphia Public Ledger on August 13th 1864. We are not sure if his body was ever recovered from the field at Cold Harbor . If anyone has information on his final resting place, please contact us.
The Obituary of Captain Henry A. Marchant Company F, 23rd PA. He was killed at Cold Harbor on June 1st 1864. His body was returned to Philadelphia before being buried in New York.
The Obituary of John Newcamp ,Company A, 23rd Pennsylvania. He was killed at Cold Harbor on June 1st 1864.
The Obituary of Robert P. Gaw , Company B, 23rd Pennsylvania. He died on June 13th 1864 in Washington D.C. of wounds suufered on June 1st at Cold Harbor and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Alexandria,VA . The Obituary is from The Philadelphia Inquirer on June 14th 1864. Special thanks to Eileen Campost for the Information and Photo of the Obituary.

Note: His Headstone incorrectly Reads 13th PA Company b. there was no 13th PA in 1864 since it was a Three Month Regiment.

The Obituary of Zachariah Shaw , Company F, 23rd Pennsylvania. He was killed at the Battle of Cold Harbor on June 1st 1864. His body most likely was never found and he lies in the U?nknown Soldier Tomb at Cold Harbor National Cemetery.
The Obituary of Charles P. Dare , Coloniel of the 23rd Pennsylvania, Three Month regiment. He died on October 25th 1863 of Turburolocis contracted while in Service, and is buried at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia, PA in Section W (American Mechanics), Lot 209, Grave 1. The Obituary is from The Philadelphia Inquirer on Monday October 26th 1863.

Webmaster Note: Laurel Hill Cemetery is the finest Cemetery in Philadelphia with an excellent Staff and caring management. They have an excellent Support group (Friend's of Laurel Hill) and a great gift shop in the Office. This is an excellent choice for burial plots for your family and Loved Ones.

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