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          23rd Pennsylvania

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Gallery of the 23rd PA
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Photo of Joshua Gased as a 2nd Lt. Garsed was the only 23rd Pennsylvania Soldier killed at the Battle of Gettysburg.
Lt. John G. Boyd, Company D, 23rd PVI. He was mustered in on August 24th 1861. Promoted from Sgt. to 2nd Lt. on September 11th 1862. Killed at Cold Harbor, June 1st 1864.
Captain Henry Marchant, Company I, 23rd PA. He was mustered into service in Philadelphia on August 2nd 1861. Trasfered from Company F. Killed at Cold Harbor June 1st 1864.
Lt. Thomas J. Armstrong, Company G, 23rd Penn. Vols. He mustered in on August 3rd 1861. Promoted to 1st Lt. on September 2nd 1861. He was detached to General Shalers staff . Before the war he married the sister of Captain James Craig. He died in service on January 2nd 1864.
Captain James M. Craig, Company H, 23rd Pennsylvania Vols. Mustered in on August 24th 1861. Promoted from 2nd Lt. of Company M to 1st Lt. January 1st 1863. Wounded at Cold Harbor on June 1st 1864. Mustered out with Company September 8th 1864. He returned to Pittsburgh where he died on February 2nd 1899 as a result of his wounds from Cold Harbor. The sword that was presented to him by the members of his Company mentioned on page 157 of the 2004 edition of the unit history is pictured in the traveling artifacts page.
A photo of the 23rd PA in Camp entitled "Game of Cards- Nothing Doing" on page 71 of the 2004 Edition of the Regimental History. Soldiers often engaged in card playing when idle as told by John Billings in the book "Hardtack and Coffee".

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