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          23rd Pennsylvania

Newspaper Clippings Page 3

Newspaper Clippings pertaining to the 23rd PA
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From The Philadephia Inquirer, November 8th 1861. New Soldier Charles Hagan found Drunk on Street. He died of Alchohol Poison the Next day. It was put in the paper to make an example out of him toward other soldiers.
From the Philadelphia Inquirer, October 11th, 1861. The 23rd is now at Camp Graham in Washington D.C. while the recruiting efforts at Home move on.
From Philadelphia Inquirer, November 23rd 1861. Death of George Bowers at Hospital in Washington D.C.
Philadelphia Inquirer ad where Zouave regiment looking for Vivandieres.
This Newspaper clipping is from the Marrige of James M Smith 23rd PA Vols to his Bride Margaret Crawford of Philadelphia
Lt. Mark Anthony Discharged due to wound.

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