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This website has information for commissions.
I paint and convert very cheaply and efficiently.
Please have a look around and feel free to email me at
I am located in england and for payments I accept paypal, cheques, or postal orders.

Here are some examples of my work (more can be shown, when asked for via email) PLEASE WAIT FOR PICTURES TO LOAD:
This is a scratch made tau titan

This is a flesh tearers dreadnought

Night Lords daemon princes (about 75% finished)

This is a company champion (flesh tearers)

This is a forgeworld thunderer, turned into a vindicator

This is a chaplain (only about 80% finished)

This is a night lords raptor

This is a basic space wolf trooper (storm claw).

This is a forgeworld Iron Hands venerable dreadnought

This is a flesh tearers venerable furioso dreadnought.

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