~For A Moment~
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~For A Moment~

For a moment, you were mine.
The center of my world.
For a moment, in my mind,
Your whole life unfurled.
In that moment your whole life
Passed before my eyes.
But you were taken away from me
Without any goodbyes.
For just a single moment
you were my pride and joy.
For a solitary moment
My baby girl or boy.
You touched me for a moment
Like no one else could ever do.
Of all the little boys and girls,
God's chosen one was you.
I wish for just one moment
I'd held you in my arms,
That I'd been the one to protect you
From all of this world's harms.
But I guess that God had other plans,
So I'll get through this pain.
And I'll bid you farewell my child,
For I know we'll meet again.

~E.J. Hodgins 1-27-02

I wrote the poem "Mother" for our best friend Tina when we found out she was pregnant. We were all deeply affected by the loss of that child. And I wrote this poem in memorium of Mackensie Elaine Daugherty or Max as we like to think of her.