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FRieNDs oF Da SuPeR FLooZy

Guy Friends - Aaron, Jon, Shark, Ficco, Walt, Kev, Hinkie, Josh, Schweiker, Jer, Coyle, Vinny, Roy, Peach, Dave, Figaniak
Girl Friends - NICOLE!, Julie, Jenn, Jackie, Kristina, Kendra..uh..dont have many girl

Funniest - Everyone has their moments..
Not-Funniest - Ficco n Kev..what geeks lol
Most Out Going - Shark
Shyest - Uh probably me but if not me than Jon or Jer
Smartest - Me of course..
Dumbest - Dave..he still thinks Juniata is the greatest place ever..
Kewlest - Hold On..wud I be friends with sum1 kewl? of course not..
Geekiest - Peach or sorry
Most Normal -
Weirdest - Coyle..i still dont quite understand him?..
Tallest - Figaniak
Shortest - Kev
Cleanest - Walton..he takes bathes...
Dirtyest - Do i really have to answer this..i mean...its Timmy..obviously..

Known the longest of my friends - Jon & Dave Probably..
Known the shortest of my freinds - Roy
Most memories with - Jon i think?
I'm Always With - Either Jon or Aaron
First To Have A Baby - Umm hard one? lol Julie maybe...
First To Die - Hopefully Aaron..or maybe
First To Get Married - Walton..he's gonna go 2 vegas..get drunk..and marry some ugly chick by elvis..and stay
Best Couple - hmm well there are so many to choose from...haha..uh either Shark n Kendra or Jer n Julie...
Biggest Jerks - Well, The Biggest Jerk Ever Has To Be he keeps his