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Da SuPeR FLooZy's FaVoRiTe THiNGs

Actor - Drew Carey, Jack Black, and David Spade
Actress - Jenna Jameson, Sky Lopez, and Jennifer Aniston
Band - Brand New or Yellowcard
Candy - Pay Day
Cartoon Character - Mighty Mouse
CD - Staind's Break The Cycle
Color - Blue
Drink - Chocolate Milk
Fast Food Joint - McDonalds
Food - Pizza
Ice Cream - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Movie - Joe Dirt & Little Rascals & Killer Klowns From Outer Space
Name - Jacob lol
Number - 10
Rapper - Eminem
Restaurant - Aramingo Diner lol
Song - "Here Without You" by 3 Doors Down & "Falls On Me" by Fuel (always changing...)
Sport To Play - Basketball
Sport To Watch - Football
Store - Modells
Subject - Math
TV Show - Friends or Punk'd or Room Raiders
TV Channel - ESPN
Type of Music - Punk
Video Game - Skate or video game ever...
Word - Jerk & Floozy & Gnarly