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Darnell Williams has written a book entitled BUILDING WEALTH WITH CORPORATE BONDS. In what follows, you will learn more about the book, how to get it, and more about Mr. Williams.

About the Book

This workbook will teach you how to make money using Corporate bonds. In this Darnell Williams will teach you how to take advantage of a hidden blueprint, in the financial market place, where money can be made with little risk. You will learn how to make money using;

A conservative strategy that will give you gains of 10% to 15% return per year.

A moderate strategy using borrowed money that will give you gains of 15% to 40% return per year.

An aggressive "no money down" strategy that will give you returns of 100% or more per year.

Here you will learn how to make money to:

Save for your children's education.

Create a family foundation to meet whatever objectives you have in mind for the family.

Finance your IRAs for retirement.

Save for that new car or home.

The reason for this book.

Mr. Williams wrote this book for the same reason he wrote A Guide to Stocks and Bonds for the Beginner. In the 1970s, the general public knew very little about investing in stocks and bonds. It was his perception that Banks, Savings and Loans, and Insurance Companies were taking advantage of people. It was obvious that the public needed education in the Stock and Bond markets.

Today, we have TV shows, books, magazine articles, and online published data available to assist in training individuals interested in investing in the financial markets. However, most of the information that you see in the media is slanted. No one said anything about price earnings' ratios climbing to record highs in 1999, just as it did in 1929. No media organizations sounded the alarm. This told Mr. Williams that the media was controlled by the brokerage industry. The average worker was lured into buying stocks with inadequate knowledge of the risks. The average investor would watch helplessly as the market rose and fell, unsure of how to stabilize their portfolio and save their original investment.

The author remembers when he was a little boy, the elderly would clip their coupons from their corporate bonds and take them to the bank. He also remembers when coupon bonds were discontinued because drug pushers and other lawless people used them to hide their illegal money. Mr. Williams claims that the brokerage firm makes no money selling bonds to the public. They put together bond funds as a cheap substitute. These funds are more speculative and the costs to investors are many times higher since the fund must pay for a money manager. He became more and more upset with the industry as he watched brokers take clients out of one load fund and put them into another while the market fell further and further.

It is obvious to Darnell Williams that more client education is needed. If the small investing community continues on the track that it is on, people will retire to work at Mc Donald's because they gambled their retirement money away to support their favorite broker.

About the Author

Darnell Williams demonstrates that investing in Corporate Bonds is for the very young, as well as the mature employee. He shows that you do not have to have thousands of dollars to make money in the bond market.

Darnell Lamont Williams was born in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pa. in 1951. He went to high school in West Mifflin, Pa. After high school, he worked as a computer programmer for several banks, manufacturing companies, chemical companies, and corporations. At the same time, he went to college in the evenings and on weekends to obtain his degrees. He worked hard to obtain his Associates in Applied Science in general studies from Allegheny Community College and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in management and computer science and a minor in economics and finance from Robert Morris University.

Mr. Williams ran unsuccessfully for the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives. He also ran for township supervisor and school board in the past 30 years. He is known in local, state, and national political circles.

This product of the Pittsburgh work force started teaching himself about financial markets at age 8. He had a better grasp of the stock market at age 12 than most people twice his age. At 23 years old, he started writing "Letters to the Editor" on the activities in the stock and bond markets. One year later, he was hired as the financial columnist for the Home Brushton Newspaper. At age 25, he wrote and published a book, A Guide to Stocks and Bonds for the Beginner. This book was aimed at training people in the basics of Stock and Bond investing. The same year, he became the financial columnist for the national Stingstack Newspaper chain. His work transferred over to radio and TV, with financial segments on WAMO/FM radio. He also had a cable TV show starting in 1980 to 1983 called Finance and You.

How to Obtain a Copy of This Book
Send a certified check or money order for $35 for the book, $2.00 for shipping, and $2.10 tax for a total of $39.10 per copy to:
The Williams Estate
Glenda Dept.
2402 Magnolia Dr.
Harrisburg, Pa. 17104-1420

Mr. Williams is also available to teach investment seminars. To contact Mr. Williams, click here.