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by RJ Noska

Latest Updates:
October 9th, 2006

Over six months ago, the sponsors of the Charleroi Area Class of 2009 approached the CWF about doing a fund raiser. The selling point of the show was the CWF officials telling the sponsors to “believe the hype” that they had heard from CWF fans.

After this past Saturday night at Charleroi High School, it wasn’t just the sponsors who believed the hype. Everyone in attendance now knows why the show was properly titled, BELIEVE THE HYPE.

The event, which had eight scheduled matches, ended up having ten solid matches. There was also another controversial CWF title match finish, an amazing main event, buildup for HALLOWEEN HORROR 2 (10/28/06), and unfortunately, two severe knee injuries.

Match 1 – CWF Keystone championship fatal-four way match
Aaron “UnReal” Gibbs © (w/Ethan Price) v. Devil Bhudakahn v. “the Aerial Icon” Justin Idol v. Bobby Shields

A fast-paced opener, all four men showed quickly that they wanted to walk out of Believe the Hype with the coveted Keystone title. All four men through all of their big moves at one another. At the end of the match, Idol and Gibbs were knocked outside of the ring. Shields attempted an inverted DDT, but Bhudakahn reversed it into a father-nelson slam and bridged pin attempt. During Bhudakahn’s counter, Gibbs had been climbing the ropes. As Bhudakahn attempted a pin on Shields, Gibbs hit his patented frog splash on Bhudakahn and not only broke up the pin attempt on Shields, but he also scored the win by pinning Bhudakahn.
Winner and still Keystone champion: Aaron “UnReal” Gibbs

After the match, Gibbs and Price got on the mic and told the crowd how they felt. They bashed everyone in sight, including the school’s football team. At that point, the duo told the crowd that ‘the night was young and you will be seeing plenty of us”.

Match 2 – “The Snake Man” Deven Michaels v. Chris LeRusso
In a very scientific match, the two men battled back and forth until Michaels landed a slam near the ropes. He pinned LeRusso, but after the referee saw that LeRusso’s foot was on the ropes, the referee restarted the bout. An upset Michaels confronted the ref, and while distracted, Michaels was rolled up by LeRusso for the three-count and the win.
Winner: Chris LeRusso

As LeRusso began to celebrate, Michaels attacked LeRusso and hit a DDT. Michaels then grabbed his bag and pulled out his pet python, Jezebel. Ringside fans scurried in fear as Michaels wrapped the snake on LeRusso.

Match 3 – #1 contender for Keystone championship
“The Future” Calvin McGrath v. Dr. Feelgood w/Jade
A back and forth match, these two heavyweights exchanged technical moves instead of brawling, as was expected. As soon as the match began, Keystone champion Aaron Gibbs came to ringside to scout the match since he would be facing the winner at Halloween Horror 2. The match was entertaining and very even. Referee Bryan Graham was inadvertently knocked down and Feelgood hit a DDT for a pin attempt but no one was there to count the three. Feelgood pulled McGrath into the corner and landed ten punches, but at that point, McGrath finished the former CWF champion off with a powerbomb for the three-count.
Winner: “The Future” Calvin McGrath

After the match, Gibbs made his way to ringside and distracted McGrath. Out of nowhere, Gibbs’ Real $mooth partner, Ethan Price, attacked McGrath from behind. The duo laid the boots to McGrath until Powerhouse Hughes made the save.

Match 4 – 6-man “Double Jeopardy” tag match
Team Devious (“Devious” Dee Drake, (Mon Valley champ), Blade and Lightning v. Team “Deeelicious” (Deeelicious” Jimmy DeMarco, Micky Gambino, and Nasty Nick)
(The stipulation of the match was that if a member of Team Devious scored the pinfall, that wrestler would get a CWF title shot at Halloween Horror 2. If a member of Team Deeelicious scored the pinfall, that individual would win the Mon Valley title.)

The six men wasted no time in taking it to each other. About five minutes into the match, the ultra-popular Lightning tagged in to go to work on Nasty Nick, but as he stepped in to land a blow, he injured his knee. The ringside physician and staff helped the big man to the back. 

Wrestling now in a handicapped match, Blade and Drake were outnumbered and at a disadvantage the entire match. Towards the end though, Drake reversed DeMarco into his cousin, Gambino, and the duo went flying. At the same time, Blade nailed Nick with a crescent kick and hit a top-rope split-legged moonsault for the win. 

Due to a pre-match stipulation, Blade will now receive a CWF title shot against Zubov at Halloween Horror 2. 
Winners: Team Devious. As per the prematch stipulation, Blade is now the #1 contender for the CWF championship because he scored the winning fall. 

At this point of the show, ring announcer Hank Hudson invited Charleroi High School principal Vince Vitori into the ring to speak to the crowd. He thanked everyone for coming and asked how everyone liked the show.

At that point, the Masked Mongolian made his way to the ring and started speaking in his native tongue to Hudson. Hank told him that he could not speak Mongolian so Hank asked the crowd if anyone could. Exchange student “Sam”, who is from Mongolia, stood up and the kids egged him on to go into the ring to translate. The Masked Mongolian told Sam what he said, and then Sam relayed the message to Hudson to tell the crowd.

Once translated, Hank told the crowd that the Mongolian came to fight and was challenging any one person from the crowd. Numerous people raised their hand but the Mongolian pointed to a man sitting at ringside, Charleroi Middle School teacher Eric Farner. Shocked, Farner decided to take him up on the challenge.

Match 5 – One on One
The Masked Mongolian v. Eric Farner
This was the first match for both men, and it may be the last for the Masked Mongolian.  
Winner: Eric Farner 

Match 6 – Legends match
Lord Zoltan w/Mayor Mystery v. Doink the Clown
A rematch from No Escape (9/17/06), these two put on an entertaining match that the fans will never forget. Zoltan controlled the match early thanks in part to his manager, Mayor Mystery. His interference backfired though and it cost his man the match. Doink pinned both men at the same time to win the match. 
Winner: Doink the Clown 

Commissioner LeGrande and Charleroi Area Class of 2009 sponsor Craig Kordich made their way to the ring and thanked everyone for coming. They informed the crowd that the show was a success for the Class of 2009 and was also very entertaining for the fans.

At that point, Kato came out and told both men to get lost because the main event was about to happen.

Match 7 – Kato “10-minute challenge”
Kato v. “the Sexual Icon” Eric Xtasy
Kato kept his undefeated streak and his “10-minute Kato Challenge” alive by pinning Xtasy. The match was even throughout and saw both men hit numerous close calls before Kato won with his “Kryptonite Krunch”. 
Winner: Kato 

Match 8 – One on one
Special-Sith v. Dale Price
A four-plus year layoff did no hurt Dale Price in this match, and it appeared as if he never left the CWF. The match, which was added the day of the show, took longer to negotiate than it did to get a winner as Price left no stone unturned in putting the masked man away. 
Winner: Dale Price 

Match 9 – CWF Heavyweight title match
Zubov © v. “the Spotlight” Scottie Gash
The second match between the two men in a week, the fans once again saw no clear cut winner decided. The bout went back and forth and it appeared that the challenger was about to end the match, but he came off the second rope with a double axe handle and buckled his knee. It was the second time in the night that a wrestler blew his knee out. 
Winner by DQ: “The Spotlight” Scottie Gash. (Zubov retained the title) 

After the match, Zubov attacked Gash’s knee and when he tried to leave, Zubov was chased by the fans with chairs. 

Match 10 – Grudge match
Ethan “$mooth-X” Price (w/Keystone champion Aaron Gibbs) v. Powerhouse Hughes
A brutal battle between two of the better big man wrestlers in the Pittsburgh area, neither man left anything in the locker room. Price controlled the match early and every time Hughes tried to make a comeback, Gibbs would interfere.  

Toward the 15:00 minute mark, the referee was accidentally knocked out. Gibbs interfered and the duo hit Hughes with the “Block Party”. Price attempted a pinfall but no one was around to make the count. Price eventually revived the ref, but Hughes began a comeback before the ref was knocked down again.  

Price went for his “Price Reduction” but Hughes reversed it into a ‘house bomb for the win. Gibbs was back in the ring as the bell rang to attack Hughes, but “the Future” Calvin McGrath made the save. 

Hank Hudson thanked everyone for coming and reminded the crowd of the announced matches for Halloween Horror 2 (10/28/06). 
Winner: Powerhouse Hughes