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by JTM

Latest Updates:
October 8th, 2006

CWF Keystone Champion “UnReal” Aaron Gibbs def. Devil Bhudakahn, Justin Idol, and Bobby Shields

Chris LeRusso def. "Snakeman" Deven Michaels

"The Future" Calvin McGrath def. Dr. Feelgood to earn a shot at the CWF Keystone Title

Team Devious (CWF Mon Valley Champion "Devious" Dee Drake, Lightning, & Blade) def. Team DeeeeLicious ("DeeeeLicious" Jimmy DeMarco, Mickey Gambino, & Nasty Nick Crane)

Doink the Clown def. Lord Zoltan

Kato def. Eric Xtasy in the 10-Minute Kato Challenge

Dale Price def. The Special-Sith

"The Spotlight" Scottie Gash def. CWF Heavyweight Champion Zubov by DQ

Powerhouse Hughes def. Ethan "$mooth-X" Price