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by RJ Noska

Latest Updates:
October 2nd, 2006

The CWF returned to the Schooner Center in Monessen Saturday night (9/30/06) for Autumn Brawl. Coming off of a superb No Escape (9/17/06, in Washington Township), the CWF once again delivered a top-notch performance. Commissioner LeGrande had his hands full as the CWF title match between the champion, Zubov, and the #1 contender, “the Spotlight” Scottie Gash ended in the most controversial ending in CWF history. Also, LeGrande had to dish out a suspension and get in the middle of two backstage brawls. 

Match 1 – CWF Keystone championship triple threat match
Aaron “UnReal” Gibbs v. Lightning v. “the Sexual Icon” Eric Xtasy. Devil Bhudakahn served as the special guest referee.
Autumn Brawl kicked off with a triple threat match for the CWF Keystone title. The mega-popular Lightning, who had two teeth pulled a mere 24 hours earlier, was introduced first, followed by the returning “Sexual Icon” Eric Xtasy and then the CWF Keystone champion, Aaron “UnReal” Gibbs. The champion was seconded by his Real $mooth partner, Ethan Price. In a surprising move, Devil Bhudakahn was introduced as the special guest referee. Conspicuous by its absence was Gibbs’ title. Before the bell, Gibbs told the crowd that he was so confident that he would retain his title that he left it at home. To show that he was in charge right off of the bat, Bhudakahn threw Price out from ringside for no reason.

The bout was evenly paced the entire 7:40. All three men dished out their signature moves. With Gibbs injured on the Schooner Center floor, Lightning nailed Xtasy with his “Weather Storm Slam”. Gibbs entered the ring at the same time and low-blowed Lightning. At that point, with Xtasy barely moving, Gibbs went to the top rope and hit his patented frog splash for the three-count. 
Winner and still Keystone champion: Aaron “UnReal” Gibbs

Match 2 – Match to determine the #1 contenders for the CWF tag titles
Steel City Saints (Chris LeRusso and Bobby Shields) v. Marshall Gambino and “Deeelicious” Jimmy DeMarco

Match two saw total domination from Gambino and DeMarco. No matter what the Saints tried, Gambino and DeMarco seemed to have an answer. The match broke down and just when it seemed that Gambino would end the Saints’ misery on this night, LeRusso small-packaged Gambino for the three-count at 10:15.

After the pin, Gambino snapped and laid out both Shields and LeRusso. DeMarco tried to stop his cousin, but it was to no avail. Gambino unleashed a side of him that the CWF had never seen. He finally left the ringside area when three CWF referee’s ushered him out.
Winners and #1 contenders for the CWF tag titles: Steel City Saints

At this point, while the CWF referee’s helped the Saints to the back, ring announcer Hank Hudson informed the crowd that a special fan, Lukas, was celebrating his sixth birthday with a party at the show. Hudson led the crowd in singing happy birthday to Lukas. Hudson also gave him a birthday card from the CWF wrestlers and two complimentary tickets to Halloween Horror 2 (10/28/06) at the Schooner Center.

As he was introduced for his match with Blade, Kato came to the ring and took the microphone from Hudson. He informed the crowd that it is also his birthday but nobody sang to him or gave him a card, so Blade would have to pay for everyone’s ignorance towards him.

Match 3 –“Kato Challenge”
Kato v. Blade

A back and forth match, it appeared that Kato’s challenge would backfire in his face. Neither man could grab a huge advantage, and as the match hit the eight-minute mark, referee Mike Compel was inadvertently hit by Blade. The match continued, and as the clock wound down to under 25 seconds, Kato pulled out a chain and tossed it to Blade. Blade caught it and as Kato fell without being hit, the ref saw Blade with the chain and DQ’ed him at 9:42 although he did not use it.

Blade then got on the mic and challenged Kato to a rematch not only in a 10-minute “Kato Challenge”, but also to a “Blade Challenge”. Kato did not accept as he walked off. 
Winner: Kato 

Match 4 – CWF tag title match
West Coast Hustlas (“Big Dawg” DC Bentley and “Bling Bling Benny Benz) (CWF tag team champions) v. the Masked Duo
The Hustlas made the second defense of their title run as they took on the Masked Duo. Just as it appeared that the champs were going to score a pinfall victory, Marshall Gambino returned to ringside with a chair and leveled all four competitors. Referee Bryan Graham stopped the match at 4:12 and ruled it a no contest.
Winners: The bout was ruled a no contest, therefore the West Coast Hustlas retain the CWF tag team titles.

After the bell, Gambino continued one of the most gruesome assaults in recent CWF memory as he relentlessly blasted all four men with the chair as if he were trying to end their careers. “Deeelicious” Jimmy DeMarco tried to stop his cousin but Gambino continued to beat down the four men. Finally, every CWF referee in the building came down to get Gambino away.  

Commissioner Bert LeGrande came to ringside and told Gambino that he was tired of his tactics and that he was going to give the big man some time to think about what he did. LeGrande suspended him for 30 days, which means he will not be at either Believe the Hype (this Saturday, October 7th, at Charleroi High School) or Halloween Horror 2 (10/28/06, at the Schooner Center in Monessen).  

Match 5 – One on One
“The Aerial Icon” Justin Idol v. Jason Gory
An amazing contest between two of the top athletic wrestlers in the CWF, Idol and Gory came at each other with offense, counters, and counters to counters. The back and forth match lasted 10:30, but it could have easily went a half an hour longer because of how evenly matched these two were. Idol scored the pinfall after using his “Idol Looks”.  
Winner: Justin Idol 

Match 6 – One on one
Ethan “$mooth-X” Price (w/CWF Keystone champion Aaron “UnReal” Gibbs) v. Powerhouse Hughes
Price and Hughes stared each other down early on, and surprisingly, the two men took part in a very scientific match. After exchanging holds for about five minutes, Price challenged Hughes to a test of strength. Hughes garnered the upper hand early, and as Price began making a comeback, Hughes took him in a head lock. As Price tried to whip Hughes into the ropes, Hughes reversed it and went for a leap frog. When Hughes landed, he tweaked his left knee. Price took immediate advantage of the opportunity and worked on Hughes’ injured leg. Price would continuously pull the ref away when Hughes would reach the ropes so Gibbs could lay in some shots. Getting frustrated that Hughes would not submit to his leg holds, Price called Gibbs on to the apron to hold Hughes. Price charged to hit Hughes, but Hughes ducked and went for his patented ‘House Bomb. But Hughes’ leg buckled and Price rolled down Hughes’ back into a sunset flip. Price hooked the ropes for leverage and scored the three-count on Hughes. 
Winner: Ethan “$mooth-X” Price 

Match 7 – CWF Heavyweight title match
Zubov © v. “the Spotlight” Scottie Gash
A controversial bout to say the least, this match was as evenly paced as you could get. Both men pulled out all the stops; Zubov to hold on to his most cherished possession, and Gash to try and regain what he once held. As Gash appeared to be closing in on the title, he attempted a clothesline on Zubov but referee Bryan Graham accidentally was in the way. Graham was down so referee Bobby Potter came to finish the match. As Graham was coming to, Gash ducked a Zubov clothesline and hit a belly-to-back suplex. Potter counted the three for Gash, but at the same time, unaware that Potter was there, Graham counted down Gash’s shoulders. Ironically, both Zubov and Gash got their shoulders up on the side of the other ref.  

The bell rang and both men got up thinking that they won the match. Mass confusion ensued, and as the four men stood in the ring trying to figure out what was going on, Commissioner LeGrande came to ringside and declared the bout a draw because in the CWF, a referee’s decision stands and both referee’s counted a three-count. So at that point, LeGrande infirmed the crowd that Zubov would retain the title but he would have to face Gash again this Saturday at Believe the Hype (10/7/06 at Charleroi High School). 
Winner: The bout was ruled a draw. Zubov retains the CWF championship.