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by JTM

Latest Updates:
September 25th, 2006

The CWF returns to the Schooner Center on September 30th with a HUGE line-up!

CWF Heavyweight Championship Match:

Zubov © vs. "The Spotlight" Scottie Gash 

CWF Mon Valley Title Match:
“Devious” Dee Drake © vs. “DeeeeLicious” Jimmy DeMarco

CWF Keystone Title Three-Way Match:
Aaron “UnReal” Gibbs © vs. Lightning vs. Eric Xtasy 

CWF Tag Team Title Match:
West Coast Hustlas (DC Bentley & Benny Benz) © vs. the Evil Empire (Darth Venom & The Special-Sith)

Ethan “$mooth-X” Price vs. Powerhouse Hughes  

10-Minute Kato Challenge Match:
Kato vs. Blade

Justin Idol vs. Jason Gory

The Gambino Brothers (Mickey & Marshall Gambino with Viki Gambino) vs. The Steel City Saints (Bobby Shields & Chris LeRusso)

Big Lenny vs. Devil Bhudakahn