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AUGUST 18TH, 2007

The CWF returned to the Schooner Center in Monessen for the first time in over two months for No Escape and the action picked up where it left off.

Here are the quick results of the show while detailed results are listed below.

  -Brett Paradise defeated Zubov (CWF Heavyweight champion) by DQ in 2:18.
  -“The Spotlight” Scottie Gash defeated Amir al Jahari in 8:08.
  -The Beast defeated the Sniper by DQ in 2:55.
  -The Factory (Beast and “Devious” Dee Drake) defeated the    Mercenaries (Sniper and the Specialist) in 6:21.
  -J-Ru defeated Nasty Nick (CWF Tag Team champion) in 4:36.
  -Powerhouse Hughes defeated the Masked Express in 3:31.
  -Kato defeated Thunder in a “Kato 10-minute challenge” in 0:06.
  -Zubov (CWF Heavyweight champion) and Kato defeated Thunder N’ Paradise in 10:45.

No Escape began with the undefeated Kato coming to the ring to do an interview with Adam Montgomery. Kato wanted to know where his confetti, party hats, and streamers were that he ordered for his “Kato Celebration”. When Montgomery shook his head, Kato let the crowd know that he has never been given the respect he deserves by Commissioner Bert LeGrande, the CWF superstars, or the fans. He wanted to know where his friends were.

At that point, CWF Heavyweight champion Zubov came out wearing a party hat and blowing through a whistle/horn asking where the party was. Kato hugged his friend and thanked him for coming. Commissioner LeGrande came out next telling Kato that he will see how much LeGrande appreciates him as he gets to wrestle in the main event against Thunder. LeGrande then informed Zubov to not go anywhere because his title defense was next.

  1. Brett Paradise defeated Zubov (CWF Heavyweight champion) by DQ in 2:18. The champ dominated early looking to end the match fast. But Zubov missed a spear and Paradise hit a dropkick that sent the champ to the floor. As the ref administered a count on the champ, Kato returned to the ring and nailed Paradise with a chair causing the DQ. Thunder made the save.
  2. “The Spotlight” Scottie Gash defeated Amir al Jahari in 8:08. Jahari’s bad luck continued as he appeared to have the former CWF Heavyweight champion pinned following a second rope belly-to-back suplex, but Gash lifted his shoulder at two. The ref counted out Jahari. After the match, the Syrian attempted to get his hands on the ref but the ref left.
  3. The Beast defeated the Sniper by DQ in 2:55. The old time rivals left nothing on the table as they brutally beat on each other. Beast got the upper hand and then went for a powerbomb. But Sniper’s Mercenaries partner, the Specialist, ran out and nailed Beast causing a DQ. Beast’s Factory partner, “Devious” Dee Drake, made the save.

As the Mercenaries regrouped and attempted to leave, Commissioner LeGrande came out and ordered them back into the ring for an impromptu tag team match.

  1. The Factory (Beast and “Devious” Dee Drake) defeated the Mercenaries (Sniper and the Specialist) in 6:21. The match was nothing short of sheer brutality and it saw the Factory come out ahead following a Drake sidewalk slam into a Beast elbow from the top rope.

After J-Ru and Powerhouse Hughes made their way to the ring for their tag title match against Lord Zoltan and Nasty Nick, Nick announced to the crowd that Zoltan and their manager Mayor Mystery did not come tonight. The reason given was because they were embarrassed because ten days earlier, Hughes defeated Zoltan in a match in Kalamazoo, MI by cheating. So Nick told the challengers that he would face J-Ru with the stipulation that id J-Ru won, he and Hughes would get a title shot at Dilemma.

  1. J-Ru defeated Nasty Nick (CWF Tag Team champion) in 4:36. Shortly after the bell, Nick was running the ropes and tripped himself on purpose in front of Hughes who was ringside. Nick complained to the referee, who did not see it happen because his back was turned, and the ref kicked Hughes out from ringside. Later in the match, Nick picked up J-Ru for a slam and accidentally hit the ref. Nick then grabbed his CWF Tag Team title belt and tried to hit J-Ru with it, but Hughes came down and grabbed the belt away and nailed Nick with it. Nick staged into a double-knee back-cracker by J-Ru to give J-Ru the win and J-Ru and Hughes the tag title shot at Dilemma.

Powerhouse stayed in the ring and asked the crowd if they came to see him in action tonight. When the crowd thunderously cheered, he said he wasn’t leaving until someone came to the ring. A few seconds later, the Masked Express came out.

  1. Powerhouse Hughes defeated the Masked Express in 3:31.
  2. Kato defeated Thunder in a “Kato 10-minute challenge” in 0:06. As Kato was having the ref take his robe off, Zubov ran in nailing Thunder with a spear. As the ref turned around, he rang the bell and Kato came over for the three-count.

During the post-match celebration, Brett Paradise came down and checked on his partner as Commissioner LeGrande came back to the ring. He announced that since he enjoyed turning a singles match into a tag match earlier in the night, he was going to do it again. He set up a tag match between the four men in the ring that would not only have Kato’s undefeated streak on the line, but it would also have Zubov’s CWF Heavyweight title on the line!.

  1. Zubov (CWF Heavyweight champion) and Kato defeated Thunder N’ Paradise in 10:45. Mere chaos ruled this match as all four mean battled all over the place. The match ended with Zubov spearing Paradise for the in after Kato low-blowed him.

After the match, the winners got on the microphone and told the hot crowd at the Schooner Center how they felt.

“No tag team wrestler is bad enough to end Kato’s undefeated streak or take my title,” Zubov bragged. “No one is tough enough to do it. No one can do it.”

At that point, the music for the MEGA popular Factory, the Beast and “Devious” Dee Drake, played and the crowd erupted.

Beast laid out Zubov while Drake chased Kato from the ring. Then Beast, a former Penn Atlantic Wrestling Heavyweight champion, laid out Zubov with a thunderous powerbomb that had the crowd jumping.

“I don’t know who he thinks he is, but when I hear anyone, and I mean ANYONE say that no one is tough enough to take his title, I take that personal.”

Beast wasn’t done.

“All I know is that come September 1st, Zubov has a major DILEMMA on his hands.”

As Beast laid out Zubov, Drake beat Kato all over the Schooner Center.

“I’m tired of hearing Kato talk about his undefeated streak,” Drake said. “We will see what he has got to say at DILEMMA after I stick my fist down his undefeated throat.”

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