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CWF - A look back

Eleven years ago, the CWF was born

On February 19, 2000, the CWF was born. In the 11 years since, countless noteworthy things have happened in the world, some for the good and some for the bad.

The show was hosted by B94 morning DJ and long time friend of Powerhouse Hughes, Melanie Taylor.

Before we get into that historic night, let’s look at some facts from that event. Only four wrestlers from the original event are still with the CWF: Hughes, the Specialist, the Masked Express, and the Masked Assassin. Also apart of the CWF roster at that time was Nasty Nick. Nick made an appearance on that show but did not wrestle.

Here is a look back at the first card in CWF history and where the wrestlers are now:

Heavy Duty d. the Masked Assassin
Duty went on to win the Mon Valley title from Nasty Nick before disappearing from the CWF a short time after. He never set foot in a wrestling ring again.

The Masked Assassin is a former CWF Tag Team champion.

Eric “the Electric” Love d. the Masked Express
Love would eventually go by his real last name of Lancy and wrestled with the CWF through July, 2006, where he decided to leave the business. At the time of leaving, he was the CWF Heavyweight champion and during his CWF career, he also held the Mon Valley title, the Tag Team titles on three separate occasions (once each with Luscious Lucas, J-Ru, and Powerhouse Hughes) as well as holding the now-defunct Mon Valley Tag Team titles with J-Ru.

The Masked Express is a former CWF Tag Team champion.

Dale Price battled the Specialist to a no-contest
Price would win the CWF Heavyweight title and hold it for almost two months in 2001. He was also a CWF Tag Team champion with Powerhouse Hughes. He wrestled with the CWF full-time until 2004 before taking time off. He made two appearances in 2006 before leaving the company.

The Specialist has had several character makeovers in his 11 years with the CWF. He has been a part of the Militia, the Mercenaries, the Foreign Xchange, and currently he is a member of the al Haditha Militia. He has been one-half of the CWF Tag Team champions with Sniper on two occasions and was one half of the CWF Tag Team champions in 2006, as the Special-Sith, with Scotty “Darth” Venom as the Evil Empire.

The Beauties (Jameson T. Samson III and “Outlaw” Shawn Adams) d. Frankie Corleone and Van Hughes to become the first-ever CWF Tag Team champions.
Samson III and Adams would leave the CWF within three months of the companies beginning with Samson returning from 2003-04. Unfortunately, Adams passed away in 2009.

Corleone would team with his cousin, Guido, to win the now-defunct Mon Valley titles in 2001 before Frankie moved out of the area. He returned to the area, and to the CWF, in 2003 and won the Mon Valley title before retiring from the business in 2004.

Van Hughes left the CWF after three months with the company in 2000 and would not return until 2003. He would win the Mon Valley title as well as the CWF Tag Team titles on two separate occasions (once with Joey Ludicrous and the other with Brett Paradise) before leaving the company for good in 2006.

Luscious Lucas defeated Kenneth Brett
Lucas would win the CWF Tag Team titles in 2000 with Eric Love (later Lancy) before being forced to retire later in 2000 with a back injury.

Brett wrestled one more CWF event and moved to New York, where he still lives.

Milwaukee Mauler defeated Bison
Mauler wrestled one more show with the CWF before injuring his knee. While still in the business, he has never wrestled again for the CWF.

Bison was arguably the most popular CWF wrestler when his career was ended by a knee injury. He reigned as the Mon Valley champion for over a year and retired as the champion in 2002. During his CWF career, he was only pinned once.

Yutsak Arafat defeated Axle Law and Fumar in a triple-threat match
Arafat wrestled one more show for the CWF before focusing on his schooling. He did an internship with the WWE as a writer before leaving the business altogether.

Law wrestled with the CWF into 2003 before no-showing an event and was never brought back.

Fumar was brought in for one more show and then disappeared from the CWF.

Powerhouse Hughes d. Arc Angel by DQ
Hughes has been the centerpiece of the CWF since day one due to his being from the CWF’s original home base of Monessen. He has been the CWF Heavyweight champion, CWF Keystone champion, and a CWF Tag Team champion three times (once apiece with Dale Price, Eric Lancy, and J-Ru).

Angel never wrestled again on a show, for any company, after this match.

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