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The final count is in and the CWF fans spoke loud and clear as to who won each award. A record total of 2,597 votes were tabulated. The winners were announced this past Saturday at Motown Showdown ’08 (2/2/08).

 Here is the breakdown on the voting for each award:

As a result of his 18-0 record in 2007, Beast has been named the CWF Wrestler of 2007. the current CWF Heavyweight champion, he is one of three men to hold a title while undefeated, joining Kato (current undefeated Mon Valley champion) and Calvin McGrath (former undefeated Mon Valley champion).

Zubov (23%)
Kato (15%)
Jason Gory (14%)
Justin Idol (4%)
Calvin McGrath (4%)

This was the first time either man has won this award. Their win might have something to do with their 10 and a half month CWF Tag Team Title reign, most of which was in 2007. They defeated all comers until their reign ended in September to J-Ru and Powerhouse Hughes.

French Ticklers
(Lord Zoltan and Nasty Nick) (35%)
Mercenaries (Sniper and Specialist) (17%)
The Family (Marshall the Bull and Jimmy DeMarco) (13%)
The Factory (Beast and Dee Drake) (12%)
West Coast Hustlas (Benny Benz and DC Bentley) (12%)
Thunder N Paradise (Thunder and Brett Paradise) (10%)

Results from this card saw Beast end Zubov’s 386-day CWF Heavyweight championship reign, Kato defeat CWF Mon valley champion “Future” Calvin McGrath to win the title in a battle of undefeated wrestlers, J-Ru and Powerhouse Hughes retain the CWF Tag Team titles against the Mercenaries (Sniper and Specialist), Mantis retain the CWF Keystone title against Justin Idol via a draw, Brett Paradise defeat Amir al Jahari, Dee Drake defeat Jimmy DeMarco via DQ, and “Spotlight” Scottie Gash defeated Marshall the bull via DQ.

Fall From Grace
Hardcore Heatwave 5 (22%)
Return to the ‘Roi (15%)
Unfinished Business VII (12%)
Rhythm House Rumble (8%)
Initiation (5%)
Friday the 13th (5%)
The Aftermath (3%)
Dilemma (3%)
Breakdown (2%)
Grand Finale (1%)

The match received a standing ovation that lasted over five minutes at UB VII. This was the third match of the year award for Bhudakahn (2000 w/Super Hentai v. Orion and Scotty Venom in a ladder match, 2004 v. Idol) and the second for Idol (2006 v. Gory) and Gory (2006 v. Idol).

Ladder match - Justin Idol v. Mantis v. Jason Gory v. Devil Bhudakahn, Unfinished Business VII, 2/10/07 (49%)
Kato v. Scottie Gash, Aftermath, 3/3/07 (17%)
Zubov v. Powerhouse Hughes, Return to the ‘Roi, 3/24/07 (14%)
20-man Motown Rumble, Motown Showdown ’07, 1/6/07 (7%)
Pinfalls Count Anywhere - Jason Gory v. Mantis, Grand Finale, 6/30/07 (5%)
Zubov v. Scottie Gash, Upside Down, 11/17/07 (5%)
Zubov v. Eric Xtasy, Friday the 13th, 3/23/07 (4%)

For the fifth time in the history of the CWF and the third consecutive year, Hughes has been voted the Most Popular wrestler of the year in the CWF. Hughes also won the award in 2000, 2003, 2005, and 2006.

Powerhouse Hughes
Beast (31%)
Eric Xtasy (13%)
Scottie Gash (7%)
J-Ru (6%)
Justin Idol (4%)
Dee Drake (2%)

This is the second straight year for Kato winning this award. He joins Dennis Gregory as the only two-time winners of the award.

Kato (48%)
Zubov (22%)
Amir al Jahari (18%)
French Ticklers (7%)
Scott Fowler (3%)
Calvin McGrath (2%)

Beast follows former Factory tag team partner Dee Drake (2006) as winning this award. Others include “Spotlight” Scottie Gash (2001), ODB (2002), Illete (2003), Jason Cage (2004), and Steve Flash (2005).

Amir al Jahari (22%)
Scott Fowler (20%)
Sniper (17%)
Thunder (10%)

The al Haditha Militia member edged out last year’s winner, Jason Gory, which is impressive considering how much Gory has improved in the last year.

Jason Gory (33%)
Jimmy DeMarco (15%)
Marshall the Bull (14%)

This is the third time that Gash has won this award (2002 and 2003 v. Powerhouse Hughes) while Kato joins this club for the first time.

Kato v. “Spotlight” Scottie Gash
French Ticklers v. Thunder N Paradise (24%)
Zubov v. Powerhouse Hughes (17%)
Eric Xtasy and Justin Idol v. the Family (16%)
Zubov v. “Spotlight” Scottie Gash (12%)

Davidson joins Wyatt P. Biddy, Jimmy Hatt, and Bobby Williams as winners of this award.

Jason Davidson
Bobby Williams (27%)
Henry Higgins (17%)
Jimmy Hatt (8%)
Masked Referee (6%)

Mayor Mystery won the award despite not having one wrestler active as of January 1st. One of his clients, Nasty Nick, saw his contract with Mystery run out and while they are in negotiations, they remain apart.

Mayor Mystery
Krystal Frost (39%)

As the only award not open to fan balloting, the CWF has awarded the 2007 award to Lord Zoltan. While it is not for the CWF to go into detail, Zoltan took off the end of the year (and into 2008) to rest his body. Zoltan is a big part of the CWF family, and we look forward to having him back on the roster soon!

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