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How easy was it to setup the site?
I found this site to be one of the easier sites to set up.The registration process was not the most complicated and and once I had said I was not living in America in did not look for any information which I could not provide such as a U.S. postcode. Marks out of 5 = 3
This site has some good and bad elements,in my opinion it would be better for a user with no experience of HTML as you can make a site with no use of tags at all!!.But for a more advanced user this site may be a bit restrictive in terms of what you can do with the sites internal editor and the fact that the HTML produced by the site is rubbish and may cause problems if the site was being viewed from different browsers.

Does the site allow you to connect via a HTML IDE such as Frontpage?
If you wanted to use a HTML IDE such as FrontPage you could as this site allows you to upload files which is good as there are elements of the sites internal editor which could be better.

Does the site have an internal HTML editor?
This site does contain its own internal HTML editor so if you had no access to an IDE you could still write your own HTML with this site.However you are only permitted to use HTML tags in the text block so elements such as pixel height and width for images can not be done.This leaves a user with no access to an external IDEa bit restricted in tems of what they can do.

How fast is the website?
Using Dr. Watson I found this site was relatively quick for a 56k modem it would take 2.75 seconds.This is very good when compared to other "free" web hosting sites which take along time to download because of all the images and advertising they put on your page.

How pure is the HTML on the site?
The HTML validation tool Dr.Watson had many,many problems with the HTML used on this site for example the images had unknown attributes,the site has empty container elements "script".

What must the user put up with to make use of the 'FREE' hosting?
The site is very good in terms of what the user must put up with the 'free hosting' there are some small add's on the top of the page but apart from that the page is free for the user to use.

What 'components' are present in a page produced by this web site ?
This page use's stylesheet's and java script in addition to the components I used to give the page the look it has,to place their add's on your page and to maintain the site.

Could this site be used as a shopping site ?
From the research I did while setting up the site I believe this site can be used as a shopping site but you must use one of the options where you pay foe the service.This is because with the free service the user can not obtain credit card information from costomers so as there would be no way of paying for the goods bought it would be impossible to use this as a shopping site.