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North Versailles Township ~ 2304 Crestas Avenue ~ North Versailles, Pennsylvania 15137 ~ Phone: (412)823-9898



History of C.T.V.F.D. #4


The Maltese Cross

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We have posted new pictures of our truck in progress. Click Here to view them. Last updated on Saturday,May 15, 2004.!

The new Patch has been designed....Click Here to see it.

Truck Info!!Truck Info!!Truck Info!!

The lettering is done on the new rig...Click Here to see it.

Special Operations 212
will be on display
at the Harrisburg Fire Expo
May 21-23, 2004

We are in the stages
of tearing down
our existing station
and erecting a new building
along with a social hall
to be completed by Fall, 2004.

Dispatched through North Versailles Twp
Frequency 33.860

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