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                                    Bob Sirko


Personal:  Age 42, Wife Laurie, 4 children Madison-19, Jesse-16, Taylor-13 and Blake-9


Education:  Graduate Center High School Class of 1980

                   BS Electrical Engineering Penn State University 1984

                   Attended Carnegie Mellon University


Professional:  Major Account Executive Metric Test, Inc. 

                       Assistant Head Softball Coach Carlow University


Community:  Member St. George Byzantine Catholic Church, Aliquippa, PA

          President of the Beaver County Girls Fast Pitch League “50 teams strong”

                      President Beaver Valley Rage Softball Jr. Olympic Softball

                      Assistant Coach Center Little Trojans Football Termites

                      Assistant Coach Center Youth Basketball


Statement:   My experience in my professional life has taught me that my education and

                     My degree are invaluable. It is what separates individuals from others.

                     My experience coaching young children has taught me that EVERY child                   

                     has much to offer, and should be treated as if they were your own. 

                     My experience as President of multiple Non profit organizations has taught

                     me that when you are spending other peoples money, funds are limited.  It

                     has taught me that you must be creative and most importantly you must

                     spend with a great sense of responsibility.   

                     With these lessons in life, I believe I have the experience, the drive the

          respect of others, to help me direct this school district to become a

                     “Center of Excellence”.