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Residents for a Center of Excellence

Candidates for Center Area School Board


Charlene Costanza Kosmal

Jim Harcar

Doug Cotton

Bob Sirko


Statement of Position


As a team, we will continually strive to make our school an asset to the community. We will accomplish this through:


                    Financial Accountability

                 Ensure the new school building project is completed on-time and on-budget.

                 Evaluate new renovation projects balancing both school and taxpayer needs.

                 Prioritize district spending with educational needs placed first.

                 Adequately consider the pros and cons of Act 72 for all taxpayers.


                    Excellence in Education

                 Ensure quality hiring practices based on qualifications, and not politics, are upheld.

                 Continually review course offerings and expand/revise where necessary to promote educational excellence.

                 Ensure that the current strategic plan for education is being followed and working. Revise if necessary to increase effectiveness.

                 Continually review the governments No Child Left Behind mandate to analyze how if affects the students, teachers, administration and the community.


                    One Ticket Four Minds

                 We all come from different backgrounds, but have a common goal and vision. We pledge to work together for the good of the district, but will vote on each issue with what we individually believe will be in the best interest of the entire district, that being the students, teachers, administration, parents and taxpayers.




We would appreciate your support and vote on May 17th.

To learn more about us and our backgrounds and qualifications, just go to on the web.