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I recorded all of these sounds myself, so please do not use them on any other webpages without my permission first. Thanks and enjoy :)

Love With the Proper Stranger
(Natalie plays Angie, and Steve McQueen plays Rocky)

  • strangerhorse.wav--
  • Dominic (Herschel Bernardi): "Can't you tell me who he is at least?"
  • Angie: "Rock Hudson! On a horse!"

  • strangercompliment.wav--
  • Rocky: "What can I tell ya, you look like a woman."
  • Angie: "How can you manage to make even a compliment sound like a slap in the face?"
  • Rocky: "What'd I say? You look like a woman...I apologize, excuse me, you look like a man."

  • strangertonic.wav--
  • Rocky: "Zelda...gin and tonic yes, vodka and tonic yes, scotch and tonic...NO."
  • Angie: "Well.."
  • Rocky: "Water."
  • Angie: "Thank You."
  • Rocky: "Ya know, you gotta know these things if you're gonna run a respectable den of iniquity."

  • strangertrapyou.wav--
  • Angie: "Stay away from me...I don't want to see you anymore ever!"
  • Rocky: "Now listen will you?"
  • Angie: "Go...go where the wind blows you!"
  • Rocky: "Hey...Angie!"
  • Angie: "And if you think your some big prize package, every girl in the world is out to trap you!"
  • Rocky: "Now wait a minute will ya?!"

    Rebel Without a Cause
    (Natalie plays Judy, James Dean plays Jim, and Sal Mineo plays Plato)

  • rebelunfriendly.wav--
  • Jim: "I've seen you before."
  • Judy: "Well, stop the world."
  • Jim: "You don't have to be unfriendly."
  • Judy: "Oh, now that's true."

  • rebelrentbuy.wav--(Jim, Judy, and Plato pretend that Jim and Judy are going to buy the mansion)--
  • Jim: "Oh, uh, would you like to rent it..or are you more in the mood to buy...dear?"
  • Judy: "You decide, darling."
  • Jim: "Oh, yes, yes."
  • Judy: "But remember..our budget."
  • Plato: "Oh, don't give it a thought. It's, uh, only three million dollars a month."

  • rebelnervous.wav--(Jim and Judy laugh at Plato's mismatched socks)--
  • Jim: (laughs) "Must've been a nervous day."
  • Judy: "He must've started out nervous."
  • Jim: "I've done that though, haven't you?"
  • Judy: "Uh-huh."

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