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Come on, admit it. You treat your pet like it was a member of the family instead of "Just a dog" or "Just a cat", right? Well, you can make it official with you pets very own birth certificate. You can put their name and picture on the birth certificate along with their birthdate, breed and color(s). You can also put your name on it as the proud parent. If you don't know your pets exact birthdate, you can put the adoption date instead. Or you can make up a special day, it's all up to you. You can send me a picture of your pet by 'snail-mail' (your picture will be returned), or by e-mail, with all the information. If your pet should run away from home, this is a great way to get the word out quick. Also, we have pet magnets. These are breeds of dogs (61) and cats (56) in cross stitch. They are mounted on mat frames that you can put on your refrigerator. Click here for prices.


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