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The Truth

No more rumors



ChibiChibi IS NOT the second daughter of Usagi/Serena! She is actually Sailor Galaxia's StarSeed. Sailor Galaxia is the main enemy in the last series, Sailor Moon Stars. Galaxia was a awesome soldier who battled 'Chaos' and then contained Chaos in her body. But.. Chaos began to take over her body, so Galaxia sent her StarSeed out into the universe to find someone that would nurture it. It found Usagi/Serena and turned into an adorable girl named ChibiChibi. This is NOT what Naoko Tackuechi, the creator of Sailor Moon intended ChibiChibi to be.

The Ultimate Form?

Yes, ChibiChibi is the younger disguise form of a woman named Sailor Cosmos. Sailor Cosmos, though, is the ultimate, and final form of Sailor Moon. Confused. It's ok! I was too at first...

What happens to Cosmos?

When Sailor Moon is Cosmos, she faces death and destruction. All her beloved ones are taken by Sailor Chaos. With all of this, Cosmos decides to go back to her past, when she was Eternal Sailor Moon, and help her past self defeat Chaos in the battle at the Galaxy Cauldron. Cosmos doesn't go as her present form, she changes herself into the littel girl we all love and adore, ChibiChibi.