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ChibiChibi's Profile


Japanese Name: ChibiChibi

Name Meaning: Small Small

Age: Approx 2

Astrological Sign: Unknown

Blood Type: O

Favorite Color: Red and blue

Hobby: Unknown

Favorite Food: Doughnuts

Least Favourite Food: None

Favorite Subject: Doesn't attend school

Worst Subject: Doesn't attend school

Has Trouble With: Unknown

Strong Point: Getting out of trouble

Dream: Unknown

Favorite Gem Stone: Diamond

ChibiChibi is this adorable little kid who just appeared riding on an umbrella. Yes umbrella. Her umbrella blew away and Usagi caught it and gave it back to her. ChibiChibi then followed her home. ChibiChibi disappeared, but when Usagi opened the door to her house there was ChibiChibi, her mother saying she was part of the family, (Much like what ChibiUsa did). She can't talk, all she can do is mimic what other people say or say 'chibi'. (i.e. 'Donut!' 'Chibi..') ChibiChibi is also a Sailor Senshi, after touching Eternal Sailor Moon's Moon Tier she turned into Sailor ChibiChibi Moon.

In The Manga:ChibiChibi is Sailor Cosmos, the pure and ultimate form of Sailor Moon. She was created Moon Light Knight 'style' as you could say or you could say she is Sailor Galaxia's StarSeed.

Special Powers (Sailor Moon Stars)

She powered up Eternal Sailor Moon giving her yet another attack (the Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss)

ChibiChibi may appear to be ChibiUsa or Usagi's relative, (many thought she was NeoQueen Serenity's younger daughter), however, she is really the StarSeed (or the remainder of good) that lies witin Galaxia, the Senshi's enemy from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (fifth and final season). She can't say much on her own, as she is just a baby. She can repeat what other people say, however, and usually says "Chibi Chibi!!" with it (in the manga, she can speak on her own). She can transform into Sailor ChibiChibi, although it isn't really known if she has any powers. In the manga, however, she transforms into Sailor Cosmos, the final transformation of Sailor Moon.

ChibiChibi's exact age is unknown, but she looks to be around two years old. Her birthday is June 30th, and her birthstone is the Pearl. She loves doughnuts and causing mischief. She poses as Usagi's baby sister and lives with Usagi's family and friends ChibiUsa style (Unlike ChibiUsa, Usagi likes ChibiChibi from the beginning). She does not have any powers on her own as a Senshi, but she powers Eternal Sailor Moon up to give her the Silver Crystal Power Kiss attack.