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ChibiChibi's Blue Sugar

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Ok so yeah... I haven't had anything else to work on.. NEW LAYOUT! yay ^.^ sorry if it's hard to read the text... I hate choosing Angelfire colors, >.<

Alright! The pictures are all up! yeah! all 60 something of them... ^_^; There's 5 pages! o.O! Anyways... If you're looking for information and pictures of the other Senshi, please visit UWS (the link is above). I know there isn't TOO much here, but this is a shrine to ChibiChibi and who has a lot of info on her specifically? I do! ^.^ But very few do.. Again, this is a shrine to ChibiChibi (the only Sugar Site to be one).. so for now I'm done here.. but I'm always working on UWS and I'm going to have manymany pictures there, just like here!!

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