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Catholic by Choice

Madonna and Child

This site will serve 2 purposes:
First and foremost as a gathering place for
others who
are Catholic and who want to(or have been)
defending His
Anti-Catholic material is everywhere.
movies,websites,forums. Sometimes our own
friends and
family make anti Catholic comments. This anti
Catholicism may be why you took up the
For those who come here we will take up St.
as our patron. Known as the 'hammer of
heretics' he
was influenced by St. Francis and joined the
order.There is a biography in the links
section.He is
often pictured with the child Jesus.
We also dedicate ourselves to the Sacred
Hearts of
Jesus and Mary. And like St. Francis let us
preach the
Gospel of Jesus..use words when necessary.
We'll try to approach others with
patience,humility and
kindness-not always easy either. We Catholics
ARE human
beings and because we love our faith these
remarks can
be very hurtful and frustrating.All we want is
share our faith.It's not always

If anyone has any ideas or
suggestions on how we could facilitate
between each other or how we can approach
we can use the guestbook,email.There is also a
chat room available here. I decided not put up
a message board-
there's enough of those already.The next
page will be a brief summary of Catholic
beleifs and
what are NOT Catholic beleifs.The third is
links and
then a final page about St. Therese of Liseux.
This will be the second purpose of the site-
serious or
even curious inquiry into the Catholic
can be directed at anyone here who notes they
interested in helping out.Please keep this
civil-we get
enough hostile and nasty remarks everywhere
else that
we tolerate for the sake of His gospel and
love of His

If you have any ideas that will 
help or advice,comments,suggestions;
please speak up!
I've had the feeling for a
long time that there are lot of us
out there.
Some of us HAVE met.My good friend "Chubba" -
has done a super job of speaking up
for the Church and we've gone to nearly
every forum together. That's what we need!
Most of us though don't seem to
be in the same place at the same time.
That's why this site is up!
Support,prayers for each other
(and others of course)and exchange of
info is needed.
Pax Christi!
Catholic by Choice,"sarv"
In case anyone is wondering why the title
is "Catholic by Choice",there is a reason.
How many times have you been on a forum or
and been accused of being a mindless sheep,
"blindly following a man(Pope)",under the
control of the Church(or priest,or Pope)etc.
etc. etc.? So I wanted to make it VERY clear
that we are Catholic by CHOICE-not force,
not coercion,not brainwashing
1. Catholic by Choice(intro)
2. Catholic beleifs-or what we REALLY don't beleive
3. St. Therese of The Little Flower
4. Pretty Good Company To Be In--
Sts Anthony,Francis and Therese
(as well as some great links)
(from ABC's of FAITH)Bottom:an icon,of Jesus the teacher,the halo contains the words "I AM" from Jesus words,"Before Abraham came to be,I AM."

"I Am The Bread of Life"

The Bread of Life Catholic Net Ring
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SPECIAL NOTE RE GB:you can post anti
Catholic urls-but anti Catholic remarks,
insults,accusations will be cause for deletion.
This site IS apologetic in nature. We put
up with this everywhere else. An Anti Catholic
website is one thing-
a private discussion another-
but comments in the GB would be seen
by offended parties who would have no
choice BUT to see them.
They will simply not be tolerated and will
be removed. You will have plenty of
opportunity to make the case
in any PRIVATE exchange.
The welcome mat is here and we will be
very accomadating-so all we ask is for this
little bit of consideration.
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Mother Therese-Path of Love
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