Summary: Five men trying to fulfill their destinies as they venture from genre to genre hoping upon last hope that one of those genres fits them perfectly...will it be drama? Or perhaps suspense? Maybe sci fi or slash or...

"Excuse me, don't want to be a bother but..."

Writer: I'm in the middle of our summary what now Nick?

"Well it's just that if it were up to us we wouldn't be in this story at all it's you that wants us to find a place not us."

Writer: Oh whatever...just read it people or I off the cute blonde!


By the 3 M's


Marina (Just Marina)


Chapter 1 ~ Introduction by Mare
Chapter 2 ~ The Tenny Bopper chapter by (Just) Marina
Chapter 3 ~ The Suspense chapter by Mersey
Chapter 4 ~ The Slash chapter by Mare
Chapter 5 ~The Sci- Fi chapter by (Just) Marina
Chapter 6 ~The Visual chapter by Mersey
Chapter 7 ~The Adventure chapter by Mare
Chapter 8 ~The Drama chapter by (Just) Marina
Chapter 9 ~The Horror chapter by Mersey
Chapter 10 ~The Crossover chapter by Mare
Chapter 11 ~ The Alternate Universe chapter
Chapter 12 ~ The Lyrical chapter
Chapter 13 ~ The Musical chapter
Chapter 14 ~ The Romance chapter by (Just) Marina
Chapter 15 ~The Fairy Tale chapter by Mersey
Chapter 16 ~ The Medical Drama chapter by Mare
Chapter 17 ~ The Fantasy chapter by (Just) Marina
Chapter 18 ~ The Evil Twin chapter by Mersey
Chapter 19 ~ The Sequel chapter/recapping if you will lol by Mare
Chapter 20 ~ The Foreign Language chapter by (Just) Marina
Chapter 21 ~ The Superhero...kind of...sort of...chapter lol by Mersey
Chapter 22 ~ The Angst chapter by Mare
Door number one
Door number two

Door number three
Door number one again...