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Animal Husbandry Guild

From the Guildmistress:

Greetings from the Baronial Barn, Kennels, and Fields!!!!

As no program can grow or survive without a clear plan, a series of goals, projects and activities have been implemented to guide this guild to fruition. Please read these ideas over and please join us in developing new activities within our Barony.

We need a name for our newsletter!!!! Help us out with suggestions! To fundraise to acquire local group-owned equipment for the activities. Help support and develop other local guilds, packs, or clubs to encourage participation and support on a local level. Reach a membership of 20 people by the end of year one.

Create an easily updateable Handbook to give information and guidance to those who may be interested in these activities, and establish policies to be more inclusive and supportive of a more diverse range of animal activities.

Actively pursue promotion of animal activities through classes and demos at AEcademy and events. Encourage diverse articles in the Althing, as well as the Aestel. Create a quarterly newsletter, The Beasts of the Ages. Develop a web page that is inclusive of participants and activities. Reach a first year goal of animal activities at five regional events. Utilize the current events that allow animals.

Children are important to our society and as a guild we should devote some of our time and resources to ensuring the education and safety of Society's future. To this end, a coloring book featuring drawings of period types of dogs as well as activity, arts, and crafts pages has been developed and published. We need other ideas and activities as well.

Education is imperative! To keep messages to animal owners positive, we will create tokens to be given out as reminders of important ideas of responsible ownership. The first project is fabric drawstring bags stamped with canine type themes filled with plastic bags for pet waste disposal; this is a much kinder way to remind people to clean up after their dogs.

We are always in support of research, documentation and the collection and acquisition of period reference for our members. Some of our talented and prolific members are currently researching breeds in period, tracking and trailing, herding, cart dogs, comforter dogs, dogs of war, ferrets, as well as many other topics.

A certification program to encourage proper conduct of owner and canines, similar to the AKC's Good Citizen Award, a kind of Tourney Dog Certification Test. This is still in discussion, it is a positive and proactive program to encourage the training and good behavior of our future tourney dogs. Perhaps the owner and/or dog could receive a token of some sort to wear to show their achievement. Perhaps it could be an unofficial award/token the Barony could award.

There is a bright future for the Animal Husbandry Guild in the Barony. I know we have a knowledgeable and avid group of interested people, and together we can make wonderful things happen! If you have any questions, ideas, or comments please feel free to contact me.

In Service,
Lady Pavla de la Satu Mare (Paula Brewer)
BMDL Animal Husbandry Guildmistress